Planning A Loft Conversion: Ideas for Extra Rooms in Your Attic Space

A loft conversion could be a fantastic way to maximise of your property’s potential. Along with adding useful space and monetary value, a carefully planned loft conversion helps you transform dead space into something stylish and functional. With time and effort, you could even use it to enhance your interior design. We’ve listed three of our most creative ideas to consider for your loft conversion project below. 

Why convert the loft? 
Lofts don’t get a lot of attention. Most often used to store boxes and things that simply gather dust, it’s a low-maintenance storage solution for many households. But with most new homes now offering ample fitted storage space inside or useful garages too, would your loft be better used as an extension as your house?  Firstly, you could make money from what’s in your loft if you choose to empty it. That’s the first step involved in a renovation project, and one that gives you more wiggle room when it comes to the budget.  Secondly, if you’re thinking about selling your home over the next few years, adding another room is certain to raise the value. Whether you choose to convert your loft into a bedroom, office space or hobby den, its functional use comes with extra value. 

Is your loft suitable for conversion? 
Most likely, but not necessarily. If your loft is at least 2.2 metres high at the midpoint, floor to ceiling, then it’s likely that it could be perfect for renovation. You’ll also need to think about structural limitations, planning permission, and installing effective loft insulation before turning the space into a new room.  Don’t forget to order appropriate tools if you’re taking on some of the work yourself. In addition to the toolbox essentials like screwdrivers and hammers, power tools like a mini circular saw could prove invaluable. If you have any doubts or hesitation about your ability to use heavy equipment, make sure to consult a trade professional. 

Our top 3 loft conversion ideas 

Add a guest room 
Airy, comfortable, and separate from the rest of the house. Converting your loft into a guest bedroom is the perfect way to give family and friends the privacy they deserve while staying at your abode. Focus on providing ventilation and insulation for all-year comfort, plus built-in storage solutions to keep things tidy and welcoming. 

Children’s bedroom 
For growing families, converting loft space into a child’s bedroom can be a practical solution. Attic spaces often spark imagination and curiosity for children, giving them the sense that their room is like a ‘den’ away from the rest of the home. Just make sure to add safety railings on stairs leading up to the room and ensure that the windows are child-proof! 

Home office 
Get in touch with a builder before converting your loft into a home office. If you’re serious about this type of project, it’s worth getting it done to professionally high standards! We love dormer windows, which allow plenty of natural light into a working space while still maximising floor space for your full desk setup. Perfect for concentration! 

Looking up 
A loft conversion can be a truly transformative project for your home. It adds value, gives the family more space and privacy, and makes your household a versatile space. Don’t forget to think about the best window types and insulation for your space. Careful planning and attention to detail will help you to realise the perfect vision for your attic!