What's in my (Handbag) Makeup Bag: Ted Baker Jakko

Who loves getting a look into other people's makeup bags? Me! I have no idea what this weird obsession is with bloggers loving a good look through people's stuff, but I'm most definitely a part of it. I don't think I've ever shared a post like this before, but this little makeup bag is my saviour when I'm out and about and so I thought I'd talk about what I keep in here. This isn't the makeup I use to get ready in the morning, it lives in my handbag and so these are more like my 'topup essentials'. I also like to have enough makeup on me to redo my face from scratch, just in case I end up staying at a friends or something I can make myself look presentable in the morning . The makeup bag I have is the Jakko by Ted Baker, this was a present from my boyfriend at Christmas (although I obviously picked it out, I doubt he'd have stumbled across this himself even with a million hints). I love it and it's by far the best makeup bag I've ever owned; it's sturdy, wipes clean and is the perfect size to keep in my bag. If you're looking into buying one of these to keep your everyday makeup in I'd recommend getting the larger 'washbag' size, but for handbag essentials this is just ideal. Here are the products I keep in my handbag!

Face Products
My 'on the go' foundation is this Pan Stik by Maxfactor, it's really compact and also works as both a concealer as well as a foundation. I used to actively dislike this product, but since I started applying it with a buffing brush it's not half as cakey as I thought and is actually quite a decent foundation. For cheek products my custom FashionistA palette contains everything I'd need for both day and night looks; a matte blush, a shimmer blush, a matte bronzer (for contouring as well as general bronzing) and a highlighter. It also comes with a huge mirror in the lid, which is really handy when you're out and about and want to check if you have lipstick on your teeth or if your eyebrows have smudged off or something (eek). Finally of course Rimmel's Stay Matte powder is in here, I have one with my everyday makeup products and have this one to stay in my bag- keeps the midday sheeny shine away.

Eye Products
I keep an Urban Decay Perversion liner in here, not that it ever needs topping up (this thing really does last all day) but is great for amping up my makeup for impromptu nights out or if I end up staying away from home. I don't have any eyeshadow in here just because it doesn't fit, but I do have an Urban Decay shadow stick which can be used as eyeshadow as well as eyeliner. The mascara I currently have in here is Maybelline's The Colossal, eh it's alright- I'm yet to be totally won over by any mascara but it does the job.

Lip Products
Lip balm is of course an essential, I just have a regular little Vaseline tin in here. My topup lip colour is  currently Bourjois Peach on the Beach, it was Revlon's Just Bitten balm stain in Honey for a while but I thought I'd switch it out with something a bit more spring-y. I also keep Bourjois Red Sunrise crayon on me, this is handy for changing my makeup from day to night in a flash- plus it's also nice to have an alternative lip colour just in case. Just in case of what I don't know exactly, but if I ever need to change my lip colour when I'm out and about-well, I've got it covered. If I'm wearing something specific on my lips then I'll usually chuck in that lipstick too so I can reapply it throughout the day.

The pink tipped kabuki brush was from Primark of all places, and believe it or not it's one of the nicest brushes I've ever felt. It was an absolute bargain at around £3, and is what I use to apply my powder products on the go. The buffing brush is a Real Techniques dupe which I found on ebay (read my review here) and is almost exactly the same as the original brush for a fraction of the price. I use this for my foundation/concealer. Both of these brushes are actually amazing and if you can get your hands on either I highly recommend them!

What are your makeup essentials to keep in your handbag?


  1. Pretty things you've got here!
    Love it!
    Kisses from Austria! :*
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  2. First of all love the bag I can't believe it can hold all that many products and I absolutely love the maybeline mascara it's my fav


    1. I think it's quite deceptive in what it can hold! Although it probably looks like it's holding a lot here as in the picture I have the mirror open :) Once thats shut it fits in quite easily with the smaller things laying along the bottom x

  3. Such a pretty bag you have and yep I also love these posts too x

  4. The bag is so pretty!


  5. Love Ted Baker Bags, I have the large version of this in black :)

    Jade | UK Beauty Blog

  6. This is such a gorgeous makeup bag! and love whats in it :) x