Regener8 Night Cream Review

I know that winter is usually the time to panic about dry skin, but these sunny days can definitely take their toll too. When you've been spending a lot of time outside (even if you're vigilant with SPF) the skin can start to look dry and dull if you don't have the right products in your routine, and who wants to deal with that? Especially when summertime is all about the light base makeup, you're hardly going to want to pile on a load of foundation to cover it up. In the morning I like products that are light, easily absorbed and sit well under makeup- so in the evenings I like deeply hydrating skincare which adds as much moisture and replenishment back into the skin as possible. Now I'm in my mid twenties I'm trying to take care of my skin as much as possible- anything that keeps the first signs of aging away is always very well received! Having a decent night cream in my routine is a huge part of that, my newest skincare addition is this night cream by the brand Regener8.

I've tried Regener8 skincare before and have always been impressed with the results, so was excited to give their night cream a go. Containing lovely ingredients such as beeswax, cranberry seed oil, papaya extract and almond oil it works on a number of levels to benefit the skin by protecting, healing, locking in moisture and helping skin cells to regenerate. It also contains an ingredient called Hydractin to optimise the water balance of the skin's epidermis, which keeps the skin supple and hydrated. If you're sensitive to certain ingredients you'll be happy to know that it's free from wheat, added sugars, lactose, preservatives, colourings and yeasts. This is quite a heavy and rich product which is something I really like in a night cream, as you can really tell it's delivering hydration and moisturising the skin as you sleep. I've been using this for over a week now and am pleased with the results so far, I think with skincare it's something you need to test for a longer period of time to see all of the benefits but my first impressions of this have been excellent. It's definitely something I'll be continuing to use in my routine!

Regener8 is a higher end skincare brand and so the products are a bit pricier- but if you're looking for a good quality night cream this is one to consider. If you're in need of a heavy duty moisturiser to combat dry skin then this will be exactly what you're after.

What night cream are you using at the moment?


  1. I've never heard of this brand before but it sounds like a lovely product. I've been looking for a night cream!

    The Sunday Chapter
    Angela xo

  2. never heard of them! would love to try this cream it looks amazing! thanks for sharing your review! xx. gigi.

  3. That brand looks really familiar; I feel like I've seen it somewhere before, but I can't figure out where!

    Right now, my night cream is Eucerin CoQ10 Anti-Wrinkle Cream for Sensitive Skin. It is non-oily, yet very hydrating. I use it by warming a small dollop up between my fingers, and then massage it on to my face.