Neutral Nails For Autumn

by - Thursday, October 02, 2014

Autumn is like crack to most beauty bloggers- the promise of woolly jumpers, boots and pumpkin spiced lattes seems to turn people into autumn crazed maniacs. I'm usually not on board with this at all and am generally pretty resentful when I have to crank up the heating (and turn into a shivering mess every time I step outside) although I have to admit, this year I'm weirdly looking forward to it. Maybe it's because the weather has been creepily warm lately and I've forgotten just how dreadful the cold actually is, but I'm kind of optimistic about the whole thing for once. One of the first things I did when autumn approached was to have a switch up of all of my makeup, skincare and nail polishes, and after months of painting my nails with pastels I'm more than ready to show some darks and nude shades some love! Two recent additions to my nail polish collection are these, and they're the most perfect 'berry alternative' shades for the autumn. I'd never heard of Bio Sculpture Gel up until recently, they're actually a brand of gel nails used in salons but also have a huge range of gorgeous nail polishes too.

 Heart and Soul
This is the perfect 'changing leaves' kind of golden nude which I love this time of year. Heart and Soul is a shimmer polish and is opaque in two coats, the nice wide brush that these have makes application really easy (even for crap nail painters like me!) This is just the thing for days when you want something a bit more subtle, or are just not in the mood for something too dark and vampy. This is my current favourite nude polish- I  know for a fact that I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it over the next few months!

The Artist's Muse
From looking at this in the bottle I really thought it was going to come out brown, and so was excited to see this gorgeous unique shade once it was painted onto the nails- I'd describe it as a kind of muddy purple. I love the whole 'ugly nail colour' trend that's going on at the moment, while they're not colours that immediately leap out to you among shelves of brights and pastels once they're on the nails they look really flattering and sophisticated. The Artists Muse is a creme with a glossy, almost gel looking finish- it's almost completely opaque within two coats but if you were very fussy then you'd might want to do a third.

 What nail polishes have you got your eye on for the autumn?

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  1. these are 2 beautiful colors, may have to see if they have this in the gel form at my salon

  2. The Artist's Muse is such an unusual colour, both are beautiful though! xx

    Ioanna |

  3. wow! very lovely nail colours seriously..

  4. very beautiful colors :)

  5. Heart and Soul is soo pretty! I've been eyeing a few navy and burgundy polishes for fall but can't decide which ones.

  6. I love that purple shade! You have the nicest nail colours xx

  7. I love the purple! I really want to try Barry M's new gelly shades for Autumn/Winter
    Messing With A Dreamer

  8. Omg Heart and Soul is so pretty!!! I definitely need to find a similar shade to that in a brand I can get my hands on over here!

  9. These aren't ugly colours! ;-)

    They are muted and chic and pretty...that purple is absolutely perfect, I must go and add it to my collection. Xx

    Tatty Bojangles // Rock Wifey | Beauty Blogger | Francophile

  10. I don't think that colour is ugly at all, I love it! I must admit to being one of those Autumn crazed bloggers though! ;) xx

    Yaya // My Dreamality


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