Absolute Pearls Review

As someone that owns quite a lot of stuff in general (thanks to my past and current addictions I probably have enough makeup, perfume and handbags to last me a lifetime)  I own surprisingly little 'nice' jewellery. While I've accumulated a tonne of dress pieces over the years from the likes of Primark, eBay and other highstreet shops I haven't owned any special pieces or things I'd wear for special occasions for quite a while. So this freshwater pearl bracelet from Absolute Pearls has filled the 'fancy jewellery' shaped void in my life, and I'm actually in love with it. My photos are really not doing this piece justice, it's beautiful!

 Absolute Pearls are a website specialising in gorgeous pearl jewellery, there's a huge selection of pieces on the website which are suited to pretty much all budgets. There are items ranging from about £30 all the way up to a few hundred pounds depending on the type of pearls that are used. I never realised that pearls came in so many shapes and colours- there are pink, golden and even black ones on there! The piece on the site that immediately caught my eye was the triple strand wrap bracelet, I prefer chunkier/ more substantial jewellery and I think the chunky twisted style brings a modern look to something that is usually considered quite traditional and classic. Each pearl is really shiny and feels cold to the touch, I own loads of little white pearl effect strand bracelets and side by side to this the difference is just unreal. You get the colourful pearlescent shimmer in each individual pearl which looks stunning when it catches the light. This piece uses 'cultured freshwater pearls' which are genuine pearls, usually farmed in China.

I think the £45 price tag is really reasonable for a piece of fine jewellery, I was under the impression that genuine pearls would set you back hundreds of pounds. If you're on the lookout for Christmas gifts then this is definitely one to look into (it's no bad thing that it looks as though you've spent a lot more than you actually have!) All of their jewellery comes with a certificate of authenticity and a twelve month warranty too. You can check out Absolute Pearls gift guide here.

Do you own any pearl jewellery? Is it the type of thing you'd go for?


  1. How pretty! I love the way it twists around your wrist and even the clasp is nice! I do have some pearl jewelry, real pearls and also some fake ones.

  2. That is really really pretty, I do have some pearl earrings but I don't wear them often x

  3. I love pearls. I've always wanted to have the typical neckleace, but this bracelet looks greaaat :) I really like it.

    xx Cecil // www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com

  4. That is so lovely! My aunt was a flight attendant and she would always buy pearls from China and then make jewelry from them and she would often gift me some! I have loads of real black pearls and white ones and loads more fake ones! I am in absolute love with pearls! This most certainly is something I would go for. I am drooling xD haha

  5. They do look really stylish - for some reason I've never seen pearl jewellery around when I go shopping for gifts for my other half. Stephen :o)