If I Could Only Own One Lipstick...

If I could only own one lipstick, then this beauty would probably be it. I can honestly say that Lipstick Queen's Sinner lipstick in the shade Pink has totally hit the nail on the head with everything I want. While that might be quite a statement to make I reckon it's justified, over the last few years I've experimented with a LOT of lipstick (most of which have been banished to the back of a drawer under the mental note 'what was I thinking?') I've tried just about every shade of the rainbow, every finish and formula known to man and spent more money than I'd really like to sit and reflect on. And what it's eventually narrowed down to is a handful (and I really do mean a handful- no more than about five) lip products that I love and actually use on a regular basis. The top spot of that handful was previously 'Please Me' by Mac, the colour suits me better than anything else I own and and I love the long lasting matte formula. However since I've got my hands on Lipstick Queen's Pink it's clear to see that Please Me just doesn't compare. While they're similar in terms of colour (this is fraction darker which suits my new darker hair colour better) the formulation of this blows anything else I've tried out of the water. Made up of 90% pigment, it's the smoothest most beautiful lipstick formula I've ever tried.

Lipstick Queen are a high end brand founded by Poppy King, at eighteen she went on a quest to create her perfect lipstick after failing to find what she wanted in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Twenty years on and she's still just as passionate about lipstick, and really does show in the brand. From the gorgeous matte black packaging to the overall finish and formula of the lipstick, there's a luxury feel to it that you just don't get with less expensive brands. The formulation is matte while still being incredibly creamy, it's really long lasting but without any dryness or powderyness at all. I highly recommend this shade if like me you're pale with cool toned skin, but it's a nice muted colour that would probably look good on anyone.

Being a high end brand these are not budget lipsticks, but the £15 price tag at QVC is a lot cheaper than the £20 you'd pay elsewhere. But with this being my perfect shade it's well worth it for me and definitely something I'd repurchase. You could wear this dusky nude/pink shade with just about any makeup look (day or night) and so it's the perfect all-rounder. I think I'm about done with my experimentation and buying lipsticks for the hell of it, because I now know what does and doesn't suit me. So would much prefer to spend a bit more on one good product that I'm going to use, rather than five less expensive lipsticks that are going to sit in a draw and collect dust!

What's your all time favourite lipstick?


  1. That's such a pretty colour of lipstick!

  2. That really is a beautiful colour, I think if I could only own one lipstick I'd go for a pink shade too as they go with everything. I've tried a couple of Lipstick Queen lipsticks and the formula really is amazing, I also really liked the Poppy King and No7 colab a couple of years ago.

  3. I always love a good neutral pink shade, they just go with every make up look!


  4. I can see why you'd only pick this one, it's gorgeous!
    I really need to try this brand

  5. What a pretty shade! I have no idea what color I would choose but it would probably be something classic that would always be in style, like red or pink.

  6. This is such a beaut - perfect shade of pink! Love your dark hair by the way! x

    Laura // Lola and Behold

  7. It looks like such an amazing lipstick, I haven't tried anything from that brand but I think I will very soon :) lovely post x


  8. Oh my! That lipstick shade is lovely! Such a pretty pink. I want. Any idea if I can find this in the states? Xx
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