Nspa Limited Edition Christmas Shower Gels

Nspa limited edition Christmas shower gels: two for £4 in Asda/ Asda Direct stores

 Earlier in the year Nspa released some limited edition 'summer themed' shower gels, and it's fair to say I was obsessed with them. I tweeted Nspa asking if any more limited edition shower gels would be released, and they replied saying to keep an eye out over Christmas- so I've been looking forward to getting my hands on these for quite a while! And they definitely didn't disappoint, they've released four new shower gels in gorgeous Christmas themed scents. OH YES.

The four scents available to buy are the two I have pictured above- Warm Gingerbread and Cranberry Chocolate as well as Caramel Fudge and Chocolate Caramel. Do they not just sound like the best things ever? As you can imagine they all smell amaaaazing- sweet, festive and perfect for hot relaxing soaks in the bath over Christmas time! It's worth mentioning that when I smelled Warm Gingerbread in the bottle I didn't like the initial scent at all- but once it's squeezed out it smells totally different and just as lovely as the others so something to bear in mind if you're planning on seeing what these smell like in store. All four of these Christmas bottles contain a fine shimmer which looks pretty in the bottle too, but unlike some Lush bath bombs they don't leave a glittery mess on your skin. And what more could you want at this time of year; a hot bath with some pampering festive-smelling products and a cosy night in, call me boring but that sounds like heaven to me! This time last year I was all packed up ready to move house, and so Christmas and the new year was pretty hectic and stressful to say the least. So this year I'm enjoying having a bit of down time and feeling cosy and festive, as it's something I missed out on in the run up to last Christmas.

As with all Nspa products, these Christmas shower gels are really affordable (and at least half the price of similar bath gels from places like The Body Shop). You can get them as part of a 'two for £4' deal which is such a bargain considering the size of the bottle and the quality of the shower gel. Unfortunately I'm not able to find these on the Asda or Asda Direct website, but they're available to buy in stores. 

Have you tried these yet?


  1. these look lovely! I love christmassy scents x

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  2. Ooh, I might have to pick up the Gingerbread and the Fudge ones! I'm using my absolutely favourite shower gel at the moment but it's a very very summery scent, so it'll be good to try something new! x

  3. Ooh chocolate caramel sounds like it would be amazing! I have hand soap that smells of chocolate orange and I just sniff my hands for ages after washing it. I've not tried anything from Nspa, but I'll check them out :)

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  4. The Gingerbread one looks as though it would smell amazing, perfect for christmas.


  5. These are so cute for Christmas and the scents sound just gorgeous! May well be trying them out! You have a lovely blog :)

    Beth x


  6. These look and sound so lovely - and affordable too! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  7. These sound so yummy and such a bargain - I'll definitely grab some! Maybe they're on the groceries website? I hope so as I order from them every week xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  8. I love Christmas scents for shower gels! Always brightens up my morning using one :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  9. these look amazing, such christmassy scents!

    Alice, That Fashion Victim x

  10. I really want to get some nice bath and body products for my sister for Christmas and these are so cute!! Definitely gonna have a look into buying some :) I bet the Caramel ones will smell delicious too!

    Thanks for the review,

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  11. No, I haven't, but the Gingerbread one sounds so good! I actively try to avoid food-scented soaps, just because they make me so hungry, lol. However, I do have a weak spot for things that smell like ginger. *sighs*

  12. I love NSPA! These sound so nice xx
    Love Vicki ♥ victoriajanex.co.uk