Salons Direct Hair Extensions Review

Very Dark Brown/ Chocolate Brown/ Medium Brown Mix human hair extensions*: £55 from
Salons Direct (professional/ trade only)

After dying my hair from blonde to brown recently (with a bit of a detour to jet black, which lasted for a week before I used a colour stripper on it!) I was briefly left extension-less. Being something of a hair extension addict this is never a good thing for me, but as it had just been dyed I had no idea what shade to go for. We all know how hair dye is famous for fading and changing after it's first been done, and I didn't want to end up with extensions that didn't match. However I was recently introduced to Salons Direct and spotted a gorgeous set of brunette extensions with a mixture of shades that I knew would be perfect for my hair colour dilemma. Not only does the mixture of tones give a beautiful highlighted appearance, but as they're not one solid colour they blend in amazingly well with my own hair- and will continue to match if my hair colour fades or changes a bit over the weeks!

 My last set of extensions were some cheapy ones from eBay- and while they did the job the difference in thickness, softness, the clips and overall quality of these is unbelievable. These are incredibly high quality, double wefted for thickness and have an feel and look that you just cant find with cheaper extensions. The clips are really robust and so clip securely into the hair with no sliding out or popping open. I've curled, waved, plaited and straightened these and the hair has held up really well and holds heat styles perfectly. They wash well without shedding and all in all just excellent quality extensions.

Salons Direct is a trade site, but if any of you are qualified beauticians or hairdressers (and I know quite a few of you are) this is definitely one to add to your bookmarks. There's also a section for beauty and hair students and college kits on the site which is well worth checking out if you're currently studying in either of these areas. I highly recommend the 'Universal' extension brand if you can get your hands on them, and at just £55 for eighteen inch extensions they're much cheaper than you'd pay elsewhere.

Beauty/ hair professionals- have you heard of Salons Direct?


  1. These look lovely and natural. They really suit your hair curled! xo

  2. These look lovely, the mix of colours looks so natural x

  3. These look amazing. I have been wearing hair extensions for over 3 years now and due to them needing replacing every 4 to 7 months I am always after replacements. These do look gorgeous x