How To Make Your Living Room Look More Homely

You've decorated the walls, put up curtains, sorted out your light fittings and arranged all of your living room furniture. But your room still looks cold and bare? That's where home accessories come in! In order to turn a house into a home and give your rooms some personality, it's definitely the smaller things that make all the difference (even a house that's immaculately decorated can look stark and unfinished without the right accessories) If you feel as though your space is lacking in character, try adding some of these homely touches. 

Adding the right cushions and soft furnishings to your seating area can add so much to a room, and make it look so much more cosy. It's the perfect excuse to bring in colour and texture, and can be used to tie in your sofa with the rest of your decor. For example we have a brown leather sofa that looks a bit bland on its own, but just by adding a soft throw blanket over the back and two cream cushions to each end it completely transforms it, and makes it tie in with the rest of my living room which is all quite light and bright.

For me a rug is one of the most important home decor pieces, and even if you're not bothered about smaller accessories or hanging things on the walls its well worth investing in a rug. They bring together large spaces which will automatically make it look warmer and more homely. I like plain shaggy rugs the best and have them in just about every room (aside from the kitchen and bathroom...that would be weird). If your room looks a bit cold and bare try adding a rug you'd be amazed at the difference.

Adding some greenery to a room is an obvious one, not only do they look nice but having plants in a room is even said to boost mood and happiness. I have small plants dotted about all throughout the house but recently invested in a bigger 'Yucca' type tree plant, and as soon as I put it down I knew it was the exact thing the room had been lacking. Now I just have to remember to water it and keep it alive!

As with real plants they look pretty but require no maintenance whatsoever- bonus. Ready made arrangements in vases can be expensive and limit your options, if you can't quite find what you're looking for simply buy the vase and artificial flower stems separately. Not only do you have much more control over how the finished thing looks, but can change up the flowers to suit the season if you felt like it.

Even if everything else in the room is perfect, with bare walls it's probably not going to look completely finished. I'm not a fan of cluttered walls and having too many things up and go for a select few things in each room instead: a statement mirror, a clock, a canvas print and a couple of framed photos.

Finally it's adding the smaller decorative pieces that can make a house feel like your home. Candles, candle holders, decorative ornaments and things you've picked out that reflect your taste and personality (Glass candle holders like these are an obsession of mine at the moment) !When you first move out it's things like this that take time to build up, and is likely to eventually be a mixture of things you've picked up from a variety of places. 

How do you make your house look more homely?