New Year's Pamper Evening

I'll wholeheartedly admit I'm a 'new year, new me' kinda person. I know this mentality annoys a lot of people, as if you're going to make changes you have a whole year in which to do them (fair point). But for me there's nothing better than the promise of a brand spanking new year to take a step back, re-evaluate the direction in which I'm going and make as many positive changes as possible. For me 2014 was quite a productive one and I got to cross lots of things off my '2014 goals' list; I wont bore you with my exact goals for 2015 but am definitely looking forward to the year ahead and hope it's just as good as the last. In order to kick of the year feeling fresh and rejuvinated I thought I'd have a pamper evening, which will be a much needed treat after slightly neglecting most of my regimes over the party season!

Before jumping in the bath there's a couple of steps I like to do first, one of them being body brushing. I'm usually quite lazy with bodycare, but on occasions like this when I'm going all out then I'll dig out my trusty Nspa body brush. There are so many benefits to this I really should do it more: it apparently increases circulation, exfoliates, reduces cellulite and helps the body to remove toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system among other things. I have to say, this is one of Nspa's products that I'm less keen on simply because the bristles are a bit firm for my liking- I might have a look at The Body Shop's one next time I'm in there. I'll also be removing my shellac nail polish and filing my nails, as well as apply a hair mask around an hour before getting into the bath. I always cover my hair with cling film when I'm deep conditioning as it really helps it to soak into the hair- even if it does look a bit crazy!

In The Bath
I'll be using my favourite new beauty gadget to cleanse and exfoliate my face- the Braun Face 831. With the cleansing brush I've been using Zaza and Cruz Radiance Cream Cleanser which has a nice high end 'spa like' scent and leaves skin clean and nourished without feeling stripped. Because it's not an especially foamy cleanser it works well with the brush, as it means I'm not choking on a lather of bubbles (made that mistake already!) After rinsing out my hair mask I'll be using Macadamia Oil Extract shampoo and conditioner, I found these for just £1 each in Asda- I initially thought they were discontinued Macadamia products although I think they're just an imitation brand. Still though, they're very nice especially the conditioner. I'm still using my Christmassy themed Nspa shower gels, they're so gorgeous I'm going to be gutted when I can't get them any more.

Facial Skincare
Once I'm out of the bath I plan on using Glamglow's Thirstymud mask, I haven't done a '2014 favourites' post, but if I would have this mask definitely would have been on it. After I've washed off the mask I'll be going for  what I consider the 'moisturising dream team'- Clarins Blue Orchid facial oil followed with Origins Drink Up Intensive. My skin always feels amazingly soft the day after using these! I'll be using Zaza and Cruz lip polish to prep for lip balm, it's very similar to the sugar scrubs by Lush and leaves a gorgeous moisturising residue behind. I've got a couple of collagen patch masks from previous Memeboxes that I've been saving so am planning on using those tonight too- one is for under eyes and the other is for lips. I'll also be using a trusty T-zone pore strip as well, I seriously love these things!

Body, Hands and Feet
Pamper sessions are always good for catching up on hands, feet and body moisturising; while I'm always good with facial skincare I do usually neglect my hands and feet out of sheer laziness until I'm having a full pamper evening. I haven't decided on exactly which products I'll be going for, so will probably do a lucky dip in the bodycare drawer and see what I pull out. Finally I'll finish off with a manicure and pedicure using my new shellac polishes.

What did your new years day plans involve?


  1. That Macadamia line looks lush, all really great products. I still haven't tried the Glamglow but I plan to!

  2. Oooh. I should have a pamper day. All of those products look amazing! Happy 2015!

  3. Love the Origins mask too! I'll keep an eye out for the NSPA shower gels too as they look super-cute xx

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  4. Oohh I used to love those nose strips, had no idea you could still get them!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. I really need to try Glamglow products; a few stores here carry a full range. It's just that I have so many things I need to try and review first. *Sighs* Lol.

    I can't recall my new year's plans! :-O I think we drank and watched "Harry Potter." :-P

  6. This sounds like such a good night in! I love the sound of the Christmas shower gels :) xx


  7. I have a sachet of the ThirstyMud to use, must get round to it! xx

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  8. This is like the ultimate pamper. It's what I'll be doing this afternoon! :) x