Eveningwear Ideas from BHS Bridal Department

Unless you're actually looking for wedding stuff, you'd probably never think to look in BHS's wedding department. I have to admit whenever I'm in BHS I make a bee line for their lighting section (I'm obsessed with their chandeliers!) but I recently had a really good look through their bridal stuff, and was surprised at just how many lovely pieces they have that you could wear without a wedding in sight. Shoes, bags and jewellery pieces are usually pretty versatile anyway so it makes sense, but with these being designed for weddings the quality is absolutely stunning and much better than anything you'd find on the highstreet. So if you have an event coming up or are just after some high quality pieces for your evening wardrobe, head on down to BHS and take a look at their wedding accessories!

Lets just take a minute to appreciate the golden sparkly goodness... These are the most beautiful shoes I've seen in a long time. Not only are they pretty but the quality is just exceptional too, they're made of a gorgeous sturdy sequin fabric and catch the light when you walk. Another thing I love about these is the height of the heel, it looks quite low from the angle of the picture but it's actually a good size while still being comfortable to wear. I'm not a fan of massively high shoes and can rarely last the night in heels that are too high, but these are perfect and you could easily get a couple of hours on the dancefloor before your feet started to ache. These are on the site as bridesmaids shoes but they'd be ideal for any kind of evening special occasion or night out. In fact there's not an LBD in the world these wouldn't look good with in my opinion, and as an avid black dress fan I'll certainly be getting my use from them!

These would of course be perfect for bridesmaids (or brides wanting to wear flats on their wedding day) but with them being ballerina style pumps they're so versatile. You could dress them up or down pretty much any way you want, they'd look good with a wedding or bridesmaid gown but would equally be cute with a pair of jeans and a jacket. They have memory foam soles so are really comfy, much kinder on the feet if you're having to do a lot of standing or walking. As with the heels these are incredibly sturdy, a world of difference to the flimsy ballet pumps I've had in the past.

I've been in need of a dressy clutch bag for a while, whenever an event crops up I constantly find myself lugging my huge handbag along where I don't have anything smaller. Again this would be gorgeous for brides or bridesmaids but just as nice for wedding guests, parties, nights out or any kind of evening event when you need something a bit more elegant (and less like your bulky daytime handbag!) The simple design looks really classy, and with the other two items it has such a luxe and quality feel to it.  I like that this has a little chain you you can wear it over your shoulder, or tuck it in and hold it as a standard clutch

Have you ever checked out BHS bridal department?


  1. I always forget BHS even exists, but I do love all these sparkles!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. Its not the first place I'd think to look for clothes, but was really impressed by all of their bridal stuff it's so pretty! x

  2. I'm a bridesmaid in June and my shoes and bag are from the bridal section of BHS! It's just annoying they don't have a bridal section in any of my local stores xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  3. I've had a look in their bridal dept a few times when being a bridesmaid. I love those pumps! X

    Carly's Beauty World - UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. these are all beautiful! I'd have never thought to check bhs for evening wear but will do from now on because these are such great finds x