Blogmas #22 'Christmas Eve Box' Ideas For Women

In recent years 'Christmas eve boxes' seem to have become quite a big thing, and personally I love the idea. I can see why they're handy to give to over excited kids, but I think they make really nice thoughtful gifts for adults too. For me the perfect Christmas eve box would contain products to make the day fun and cosy, and so if you're looking to put together something like this here are a few ideas for what you could include. It's too late to order online now but everything here can be picked up in shops, plus you could spend as much or as little as you want on the individual components so it's ideal for all budgets.

New pyjamas are always a nice Christmas treat, but it's easy for them to lie forgotten amongst other exciting presents on Christmas day- especially if you open a couple of new ones. And so including a set in a Christmas eve box is a much better option, and means the person you're buying for can get cosy in lovely new pjs on Christmas eve. You could even include slippers, a dressing gown or fluffy socks too if you wanted to go all out. Primark and Matalan are two of my favourite places to buy them from.

Snacks and Drinks
Adding something nice to drink and snack on would be a good option- you could go for some festive alcohol like a bottle of Baileys or mulled wine, or some good quality hot chocolate or coffee depending on the person. You can find the Beanies coffee above in Sainsburies or Tesco which have some cool festive flavours, alternatively these DIY hot chocolate mix tubes are popular on Pinterest and look really effective.

Christmas Candle
A nice Christmas scented candle would make a perfect addition, if the person you're gifting too is already a seasoned candle lover you could go with a couple of wax melts in scents they haven't tried instead. I always use Yankee candles as my examples but if you're on more of a budget Glade and Febreeze both do some really nice ones that are just a couple of pounds each, you can find them in any supermarket.

Book, DVD or Game 
Again with the excitement of other presents, books and dvds received on Christmas day might not get watched or read until a few days later. Including them in the box gives the person something to do the day before (especially seeing as the tv is usually pretty dismal). A game or activity could also be fun, and depending on their interests could be anything from puzzle book to a computer game or even a board game.

Bubble Bath/ Pampering Beauty Products
Finally some pampering bath or beauty products to use before bed; things like bubble bath, bath bombs and face masks would work well (Lush is the best place for this kind of stuff!). I like the idea of including a pillow/ sleep mist too- while as an adult you're probably not going to be lying awake in excited anticipation the night before, it's a fun addition and a nod to the past when you were probably awake all night listening out for sleigh bells. You can pick these up in places like The Body Shop, Boots and Superdrug.

Have you ever given a Christmas eve box? What would you include?


  1. I would love to receive this on Christmas eve!

    1. Me too, I find Christmas eve can be a bit boring once you've got everything done so would be nice to have something like this to relax with in the evenings x