Five Signs That You Need a Bigger House

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They say that the floor space of the average property has nearly doubled in the last forty years, and yet still most of us still complain that we don't have enough space. It’s like we’re masters of filling our homes to the brim, no matter how large they are! One of the reasons I decided to move earlier in the year was due to space; while the previous house I lived in was fairly spacious, it all seemed to be in the wrong places and so we ended up with quite a bit of wasted room. For example we had a good sized dining room that we didn't really need, but then the kitchen was tiny which would stress me out no end. With it being a typical Victorian terrace there was no upstairs bathroom (my main reason for leaving in the end!) but a huge spare room that never looked quite right as an office, even with both of mine and my boyfriends huge desks in there. Whether your needs have changed or you've outgrown your space, these are five signs that you probably need a bigger house!

Your Family is Growing
If you plan on starting or extending your family in the future, you'll need to make sure you're living in a suitable place. If the home you're in right now doesnt quite cut it then consider speaking to local estate agents near you to find home that meets your needs. Think about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll need, any extra garden space and things like how easy it is to access. For example you might want to avoid places with lots of flights of stairs. 

You’re Desperate To Start Gardening
One of the downsides to living in a flat (or a house close to a town or city centre) is the lack of outside space. If you like to spend time outside in the summer, host barbeques and garden parties or if you simply want to take up gardening as a hobby then having a home with a good sized garden is essential. Be sure to check out the outside space when you're looking at properties. 

Your Lifestyle Has Changed
Maybe once upon a time you wanted to live in the big city where you were close to your work, friends and nightlife. But as you’ve gotten older this has changed, and you're more interested in having somewhere away from the hustle and bustle. Maybe you want a room to enjoy your hobbies but can’t find the space in your flat, or somewhere with a summer house where you can enjoy reading. If your home no longer suits the way you want to live, it's a sign that packing up and moving is the way to go.

You’re Richer
If your career is going well, or if financial problems have become less of an issue as you've gotten older then you might be in a position to move to a better home. If you find you’ve always got plenty of money left over at the end of each month doing nothing (lucky you!) then now might be a good idea to put that money into a property. After all, a house is a great way to put your money to work.

You Now Work From Home
If you're serious about working from home then lounging on the sofa with the laptop balanced on the arm, or typing up work while you're sat in bed probably isn't the best idea! Space for a good desk and ideally your own home office is your best bet, especially if your work involves keeping stock at home or crafting where you need a lot of materials. If your current home can't accommodate that then it's worthwhile finding somewhere that can. Having your own working space means there's a clear distinction between work and home, and you'll probably find you're more productive too. 


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