Travelling This Christmas? Make Sure These Important Things Are Ticked Off Your List

Thinking of going away this Christmas? Maybe it’s because you have friends or family that live in a different part of the world, and you visit them every holiday. Maybe you just want to do something different and celebrate abroad! Either way, if you’re going away this Christmas, there are a few things that you should make sure are ticked off your list.

Factor In Time Delays
Christmas is a busy time of year. With people travelling to and fro, everywhere you go is going to be packed with people. The roads will have heavier with traffic, and it will take you longer to get from A to B in the hustle and bustle. On top of this, the weather in December is never particularly nice, and so a number of delays can come about because of this. Either way, you will probably find that any journey will take you a lot longer than usual. The key is to plan for any delays and leave early to avoid stress. Leave early to get to the airport for example. And rather than wait until very close to Christmas to fly anywhere, leave a little earlier if your schedule allows it. There have been so many cases of delayed flights meaning people have missed Christmas with their families and spent it in an airport instead of waiting for their replacement flight.

Get Your Vaccinations Sorted
You don’t need vaccinations for every country in the world, although there are many that you do. When you’re getting excited about Christmas and travelling, this is definitely something not to be overlooked. Do your research and find out what holiday vaccinations are recommended for the country you are visiting. Some you will be required to have to be able to enter the country. Others are recommended based on the risk of infection, your health and other factors such as how long you’re staying.

Think About Gifts
If you’re travelling to see friends and family at Christmas, chances are you’ll want to give them a Christmas gift. Decide how you’re going to go about this. You could order things online and get them delivered directly to the address you’re staying at. You could buy small things and pack them in your case, or you could buy things when you arrive. The same is true if you’re spending Christmas away with children. Will you be bringing things that they can open on Christmas day, or will you wait until you’re back? It’s something to bear in mind, especially if you’re travelling by plane as there’s only so much stuff you’re able to bring.

Secure Your Home
Unfortunately, break-ins around Christmas are common. Before jetting off, spend some time thinking through your security systems. A professionally fitted burglar alarm is a good investment for all times of the year but will give you added peace of mind particularly when you go away. Small valuables should be locked in a safe, which is hidden and securely bolted down. Plug your lamps and TVs into a timer switch so that they turn off and on while you’re away making it look like someone is home. Finally, consider getting contents insurance if you don’t have it already.

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