Doing Things Differently: Unconventional Wedding Food Ideas!

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When you’re planning a wedding, there are so many choices to be made. From the venue and the dress to the date and the theme, it can all require a lot of thought. Sometimes, it can even get quite serious and stressful. But, there is one area of your wedding planning that can allow you to have a little fun. The food! Instead of sticking to the traditional choices throughout the day, play around with the options you have. You might find you choose something a little unconventional.

Wedding Cheese Cake
The wedding cake can be the star of the show (besides the bride of course). But if you’re not a fan of the traditional fruit choice or even cake for that matter, why not opt for a wedding cheese cake? Choose your favourite kinds of cheese and start stacking! These cool cakes look the part but will be a little more to your likings. 

Afternoon Tea
Undecided on what the main course to be? Does he want beef and you want chicken? Why not scrap it all and try something a little traditional - afternoon tea? Allow guests to choose the sandwiches and sweets they like, without having to plan a heavy meal. If sandwiches and scones aren’t what you’re looking for, then jazz up your afternoon tea style wedding lunch with a little heat. Mini burgers and fries, or Italian bread and cheese, might seem like canap├ęs but they can also be a modern alternative for an afternoon tea.

Macaron Madness
Sugared almonds are a sweet wedding favour and have been forever. But if you think they’re a little ‘done’, why not opt for macarons instead? Coming in just about every colour, you can coordinate them with your colour theme and even ask for a message to be added too!

Popcorn Petit Fours
The food at weddings is always a favourite with guests. But sometimes, the courses can get a little heavy when you keep it traditional. Especially if there is a decadent dessert to follow. So, if you want to make sure your menu is in keeping with a traditionally wedding lunch, why not add in a lighter option for later. When the tea, coffee and petit fours come out, your guests might just be pleasantly surprised to spot a few pieces of popcorn. And, depending on the style of dress you chose for them, your bridesmaids might just thank you for the lighter alternative!

Cake Pops For The Kids
And whilst you’re planning away, why not include a little something especially for the kids? Sweets tables have been all the rage, but if you don’t want to overload the little ones with too much sugar, a cake pop could be the answer. And they look cute too! Choosing a cake pop could also kill two birds with one stone. If the kids won’t go for the cheese themed wedding cake that you now have to have, the cake pop can be their replacement!

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