Want To Start a New Business Venture? Here's Why 'Glamping' Is One to Consider!

Glamping has become one of the hottest holidays, with thousands of people choosing this each year rather than jetting off abroad. The thing that people love about glamping is that you can experience your home comforts while being out in the wilderness, you really get the best of both worlds. So if you own a home that has a lot of land attached to it or a business with a large amount of land, then starting a glamping business could be an incredible thing to do. Of course, that being said, seeing as glamping has become so popular, there is a lot of competition between glamping sites. When it comes to beating out the competition and launching a glamping business that is popular and profitable, you need to be clear about the steps that you need to take. You should consider your glamping business model, and know what it will take for your venture to more successful than your competitors. With that in mind, below are some tips and ideas for ensuring that your new business offers an out of this world experience. 

Diversify The Accommodation
Instead of simply offering one accommodation option, like so many glamping sites do, be more diverse with what you’re offering. As well as offering traditional bell tent or tepee tent accommodation, offer accommodation with a little added luxury, such as camping pods and huts, as well as a bed and breakfast option. That way you are offering a range of options and prices so that your customers have a choice of where they stay and what they pay. 

Think About The Home Comforts
Unlike camping, glamping is all about the home comforts. The concept of glamping is to be able to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life but without compromising on those home comforts like hot showers, a comfortable bed, and internet access. People want a break from their hectic lives but what they don’t want is to spend their break wishing they were back home, which is why it’s so important to ensure that you offer plenty of home comforts. From high thread count bedding to a shower facility that offers piping hot showers, luxury wash products, and perhaps also a hot tub or sauna, you want to ensure that every comfort is met. 

Put A Unique Twist On It 
To give your glamping business the edge, it needs to have a unique twist to it. Don’t just open another glamping site, make it more than glamping. How about incorporating activities into your visitor’s stays? Things like guided woodland walks, foraging for safe-to-eat local foods, basket weaving, pottery making - basically, anything that they wouldn’t get to do at home. You want to offer your guests an authentic taste of the countryside, allowing them to relax and unwind. Perhaps you could also offer home cooked foods for an additional cost, such as a country breakfast, a delicious buffet lunch, and a hearty dinner, using a menu that changes each day. 

Get Your Marketing Spot On 
Obviously, the key to success with any business is getting your marketing spot on because without the right marketing it’s destined to be a flop. Have a professional website designed, market your brand on social media, have leaflets printed up - the more professional your new venture seems, the more successful it will be.  Take note of the advice above, and you can beat the competition and make your new glamping venture a soaring success. 

Are you looking into setting up a glamping business?

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