Working From Home: The Four Golden Rules

Working from home is a dream, right? You get to choose your own hours, work from the comfort of your sofa, and schedule impromptu catch ups. Whilst many who have to commute to work each day may envy the lifestyle of someone who works from home, it’s not all it seems. Working from home can be tough. To succeed you’ll need to follow these 5 golden rules…

Get Dressed and Ready For The Day
When you work from home you have the luxury of having no uniform to iron, you can stay in your pyjamas all day if you want to! And some days, admittedly it's nice to do this. However most of the time, getting yourself in a normal routine is best. Getting up and showered, having breakfast and getting dressed- even if it's only into comfy clothes. Psychologically it gets you into a good frame of mind and you're ready for work. You don't feel like you're slobbing the day away in your pyjamas, and if you need to pop out midday for a walk to clear your head to to the shops it's far easier if you're ready to go. Working from home can mean you're spending a lot of time looking at the same four walls, so these little breaks are really beneficial. 

Stay Focussed
Being self-disciplined is such an important skill for anyone working from home. There's no team leader or boss to make sure you’re doing your work, it’s all on you. Some people thrive in this kind of situation. They like choosing their own workflow and work more productively. Others struggle to stay motivated and disciplined. Some small things you can do to help include not having social media tabs open on your laptop or phone. Only answer work calls and emails, check your other messages in your breaks. Do schedule regular breaks, this gives you a chance to decompress and refocus. 

Be Organised 
Working from home means there isn’t an elaborate filing system to support you, or a company hard drive to store all your work. Work on keeping yourself organised; your workspace should be tidy, your paperwork should be neatly filed and your documents on your computer should be accessible. If you do happen to lose your work for whatever reason, don’t panic, look into data recovery services. 

Reap The Rewards
Chances are you chose to work from home for a reason. It might have been the flexibility of the hours, or the chance to have more free time, whatever it was, make sure you reap the rewards. Enjoy the perks of working from home. Schedule lunch dates with your friends, or start and finish work early on a Friday. Remember how lucky you are to not have a long commute. Spend more time going to the gym and cooking your food from scratch. Yes, working from home has its downsides, but it can be a lot of fun too.

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