2017 Is The Year Of The Loft Conversion

Home trends seem to come and go each year. So, what are 2017’s biggest trends so far? One of the main standouts certainly has to be loft conversions. Many homeowners are now choosing to convert their loft or attic space into a functional room. Here are some reasons why that is.

Increases Space
One of the most obvious reasons for getting a loft conversion is that it will increase the amount of space in your home. For instance, you could turn your loft into a new bedroom if you are planning on expanding your family. Or, it can simply act as space for more wardrobes and cupboards if you need some more storage space. 

Improves Insulation
If you speak to a building company like Detail Developments Ltd, they will probably advise you to get the best possible insulation added to the walls of your loft conversion. However, simply converting this space in the first place can greatly improve your home’s insulation. That is because all the extra furniture up there will help to trap the warm air in and prevent it escaping. 

Boosts The Value Of The Property
Getting your loft conversion increases the number of potential bedrooms in your property. And the more bedrooms a property has, the more money it can be sold for. In fact, many homeowners convert their loft when they are preparing to sell their home as they know it can greatly increase the market value.

Now that you have made up your mind about converting your loft, you need to start to prepare for doing so. Here are some considerations that you should take into account before you begin.

Planning permission - Not every loft conversion requires planning permission, but some do. To make sure that your building work is all above board, it is a good idea to check out whether or not you need to apply for permission before you begin.

Plumbing - Will you require plumbing in your converted loft space? This may be the case if you want to create a new bedroom with an ensuite. If you do require plumbing, you may need to carry out a survey to see whether your current plumbing system can cope with this extra pressure. If it won’t, you may need to spend money to upgrade your system.

Stairs - You will, of course, need a staircase so that you and your family can safely get up into your loft space. Usually, unconverted lofts just have a pull-down ladder for access. This won’t be safe enough for regular use, though. However, adding staircases can sometimes be problematic in homes with limited space as there are certain regulations that dictate how much room there needs to be around a staircase. If there is no way you can fit in a staircase, then you might not be able to convert your loft. 

As you can see, there are lots of things you need to think about before you start your loft conversion. So be sure to do your research thoroughly!

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