Décor Additions for a Gorgeous Camper

One of the most satisfying things about travelling around in a campervan is that, even though you may be miles from home, you still have your creature comforts and can relax and feel settled in the comfort of your vehicle. Campervans are essentially a home from home, so the décor should be warm, welcoming and personal. If you’re struggling to design a space that works for you, this selection of handy décor tips may be helpful! 

Bright Colours 
When it comes to the interiors of your campervan, you want to introduce colours that are going to make the décor pop. In order to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere you need to introduce colours that are reflective of your personality, creating a simplistic colour scheme that you can use throughout the décor. Once you’ve decided on a core colour, you can then begin to introduce similar colours that complement each other and will create the perfect atmosphere. 

Unique Walls 
Throughout your campervan you will have areas of wall space that are perfect for adding a touch of wallpaper too. Wallpaper is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your camper, without having to spend too much money or make any permanent changes. There are so many beautiful wallpaper designs available, including themed styles that would work perfectly in the camper. From designs made of maps, or simple patterns that will give your campervan a little more character, you can find the perfect design for you to really enhance your vehicle. 

Private Touches 
Your campervan needs to be a place that you can feel at home and relax properly. Introducing some essential privacy touches to your camper will really help to make you feel safe, whilst also enabling you to switch off and wind down properly. There are a few different features you can introduce to your décor to add to the privacy of your camper, such as silver screens, blinds, curtains and so on. Curtains are a really popular feature for many campers, as they help to add a little character, whilst also keeping the interior hidden and private. Measure up your windows to ensure you know the right curtain sizes, and then you can focus on selecting the best colour and material for your windows. 

Photographs and Artwork 
Whether you’re into beautiful family portraits, or you love traditional artwork by your favourite artist, this is by far one of the best ways to add a personal touch to your camper. Artwork is the perfect addition for creating a warm, welcoming and homely feel within a space and enhancing the current décor. You can keep things personal with your own photos, or introduce some bold artwork that flows with the rest of the décor style. 

Homely Accessories 
After a long day exploring, one of the nicest things to come back to is a cosy space to snuggle up and relax in. Adding some homely accessories to your campervan, such as cushions and blankets, will really help you to wind down and feel at home. You could also add some other touches like magazines and books to fill the campervan with personal touches that will help to keep you entertained throughout your trip.

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