How to Maintain an Organised Living Room

Whilst it may be fairly easy to create an organised living room, it can often be difficult to maintain it. Spending a good few hours one day putting everything where it needs to go and sorting out the rubbish from the things that need to be kept can instantly free up lots of essential storage space to help you keep the room neat. It’s just as important, however, to keep the room organised to ensure everyone knows where things are and where they should go. Here are a few key tips to help you maintain an organised and tidy living room. 

Clutter-Free Surfaces 
One of the hardest organisational rules to stick to is keeping your surface areas clutter-free. It’s so easy for things to accumulate and build up over time, resulting in your surfaces looking messy and unorganised. Each day, try to eliminate any clutter from your surfaces that doesn’t need to be there, such as magazines, papers including leaflets and post, half-eaten packets of food and so on. It’s so easy to leave these items and neatly pile them on the side of the surface, but after a few days or weeks of doing this you’ll end up with a mountain of clutter that will create a messy feel throughout the room. 

Introduce a Bin 
So many people think that having a bin in the living room is not the best idea, but it’s actually extremely useful. By positioning a small bin underneath the table or in the corner of the room, you are providing the room with somewhere to throw all rubbish away and prevent the rubbish from building up on the surfaces. It’s much easier to keep on top of throwing unwanted magazines away when you don’t have to remember to take them into the kitchen to throw them out, as the bin in the living room will do the job! 

Suitable Storage 
Everything needs a home, especially in the living room with so many different items positioned all over the place. By introducing some suitable storage to your living room, you can instantly create a more organised feel, whilst also staying organised, knowing you have a dedicated space for certain things to go. Storage features such as a cd storage, side dressers, console tables and even a magazine rack will really help you keep things where they need to be. It will also enable the room to look and feel neat, without having to go to too much effort when it comes to cleaning it. 

Create a Play Space 
When you add little children into the mix, keeping things organised can almost seem impossible. The moment you tidy away those Barbie dolls you can pretty much guarantee that the Lego will be spread everywhere, and it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Create a play space for your little ones to keep their toys, adding some useful storage boxes that they can use to put their toys when they’re finished playing. This will really help to keep the toys in one area of the room and prevent any stumped toes or twisted ankles! You could also introduce a reward system for when they put their toys in the right boxes!

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