Make Your Next Business Expo Work For You

A business expo is a brilliant way to get out there and meet face to face with potential customers. Being able to show them your products up close is the best way to sell them so it’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. But just turning up won’t guarantee you any success. There’s going to be hundreds of companies with stalls set up, and customers won’t have enough time to stop at every one. That’s why you need to make the most of your time at the expo by being proactive and draw them in. Follow these simple tips to peak people’s interest. 

The Stall
Customers won’t have enough time to go to every stall at the expo and they’ll make their choices based on the look of the stall to start with. If yours isn’t up to scratch, people will walk right by without a second glance, and you won’t make any sales. Don’t make do with a few cheap easels and some printouts, it won’t impress. Find a proper exhibition stand contractor who can make custom displays for you. Work with them to design a setup that is unique to your business and gets some of your brand personality across. If customers engage with it then they’ll automatically gravitate towards your stall. You should also focus on live demonstrations of products rather than boring informational presentations that everybody else at the expo will have. You could even think about putting some music on and creating a bit more of a lively atmosphere that will draw people in. When you’re designing your stall, think about your end goal. If you are looking specifically for sales, bring lots of samples of the product. But if you’re just after exposure and brand awareness, you could draw people in with a prize giveaway and a flashy show. Location is key. Most of these expo events operate a first come, first serve policy when it comes to stall placement. If you get in early enough, you’ll have your choice of stall placement. There’s no need to always go for the most expensive stall right at the entrance. Some of the best places for foot traffic are on corners and the end of aisles, and near the snacks and drinks. 

Spread The Word 
The prime function of an expo is to find new customers, but it’s a good idea to let all of your existing customers know about the event. If they are there, mingling with the rest of the attendees, they might just mention that your stall is there. It’s also a good opportunity to catch up with them and do some more business with them. 

Set Appointments 
People are always talking about the importance of digital traffic, but foot traffic is more important at an expo. But don’t rely solely on chance encounters to get new business. Lots of influential people are going to be at these events, so you should take advantage of that. Try to find a guest list before the event and see if you can contact anybody and set up some meetings. Social media is often a good way to find people because the events will usually have their own page that you can visit. You won’t get all of those people in one place very often so use it as a chance to pack a few meetings in. As well as potential new customers, set up some meetings with your existing customers that are attending the expo. While you’re mainly there to find new business, loyal customers might feel a bit put out if you don’t make time for them. By setting up a meeting to check in, you can assure them that their business is still a priority. When you’re setting up appointments, be aware of time. Don’t just take meetings for the sake of it. Choose wisely and make sure that you leave enough time for unscheduled time with customers. 

Follow Up
All that effort will be for nothing if you don’t follow up on those leads properly. This starts at the expo. First, you need to make sure that you’re taking and giving out contact information to as many people as possible, otherwise, you won’t have any way of following up with good contacts that you’ve made. If you offer a small token gift for anybody that signs up with their email, you’ll get yourself a long list. Some of them will just sign up for the freebie but you’ll see a return on a lot of those people. Email those leads straight away after the event. You can use a template to make it easier. That way they know that you are serious about doing business with them. If you’ve agreed to meet with somebody, follow through with it otherwise they’ll think you’re unreliable and you’ll lose a customer for life. Don’t spend your next business expo standing around doing nothing, get stuck in and go home with lots of new sales leads.

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