Dressing Flexibly to Look Fantastic This Autumn/Winter

Now that the autumn is here, it is definitely time to hit the shops and update your wardrobe and buy some warmer clothes. At this time of the year, there is always a bit more choice as retailers bring in new stock for the coming season. Therefore, now is definitely a good time to shop for clothes. 

Dress in layers 
There are lots of different ways to dress well for the colder months. You do not necessarily have to buy heavy jumpers, boots and coats. Instead, you could opt to dress in layers. Or, as the Parisians say, 'dress like an onion.'  

Dressing in layers keeps you comfortable 
Simple little tricks like wearing leggings under your jeans or trousers, or even a dress, can make a huge difference to how warm you feel. It also gives you the option to remove your jeans or trousers and just wear the leggings if the day warms up. Ideal, if you are taking the kids for a day at the beach or to a theme park. If you want to you can arrive early to avoid the crowds and still be lovely and warm. Then when the sun comes out around lunchtime, remove a layer of clothing, stow them in your bag and be set for a sunny picnic. 

Layering saves you money 
Best of all, provided you buy good quality clothes you can potentially continue wearing them in the spring. This is a great way you get more use out of your wardrobe and save yourself lots of money. 

Dressing like an onion gives you more choice 
Buying more items of lighting clothing rather than just a few heavier clothes also gives you more flexibility. Having more outfit combinations to choose from makes it far easier for you to dress appropriately for each occasion. 

Wear athleisure clothing 
Another way of dressing flexibly is to tap into the athleisure trend. If you choose wisely you will be able to slip out for a morning coffee and maybe a bit of shopping then go straight to the gym. There is plenty of really great athleisure clothing available. 

Wearing multi-purpose clothing 
Including items like 3 in 1 coats in your wardrobe can also help you to have more options. These usually consist of two coats, in different materials, which are designed to be zipped together. In that configuration, you are kept warm and dry for when you have to walk the dog on a wet morning. On warmer days you can separate the two coats and either wear the waterproof shell or the warmer inner fleece or down jacket on its own. Some of these coats even feature zip out sleeves, so you can potentially wear it as a gilet. 

Finding inspiration 
If you would like to put the above suggestions into practice and want a few ideas to help you to do so you can find some really good ones here. The chances are that once you have tried putting your autumn/winter wardrobe together using the above principles you will continue to do so for life.

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