How to Stay Slim After Pregnancy

*Guest post by Amilia Anderson

Are you currently trying to work hard staying slim after giving birth to your child? Or maybe you are currently pregnant and worrying if you might increase a significant number on your weight and find no time in keeping yourself fit and slim after. The fact that every mothers will be most occupied with their parenting job after giving birth to their child is what most women fear about getting pregnant and becoming a mother. Appearance in public is one of the most important things for many people whether they are female or male. But is it really that hard to stay fit and slim after pregnancy? Do you think cutting food intake is what most helpful and healthiest way to reduce weight and fat? 

It is normal to have the leftover of extra weight and fat for two to three months after pregnancy and the womb does takes time to settle back to it's normal size so it is fine to leave it the way it is until the mother is fully recovered from the labour. If you are thinking of a way to keep your body slim after pregnancy but worrying that you might not get the time and energy to go for a daily jog and exercise, then here's are few tips and suggestion for you. I know not every mothers are able to provide exclusive breastfeeding to their babies as they will eventually have to go back to work after their maternity holiday but the more you try and breastfeed your baby when you can, the better. I breastfeed my daughter exclusively and I just never had to worry about how much food I take or how many times I eat and how much is too much as I pretty much share everything with her everyday. The only thing I needed to worry about it how healthy is the food I'm taking. 

25-30 minutes daily walk with your baby 
Babies love being outside and seeing all the strange things that are see-able to them. Anything hanging, bright colors, lumps light, cars, building, and people will attract their interests, that's why they are found to be most calm and peaceful when they are outside the house. Set a schedule every day, morning and evening are the best time or whenever the weather is good for both of you and take your baby for a walk. You can use a sling if your baby is still too young and use a stroller if they are old enough for it because you will find yourself getting tired faster if you just hold them in your arms. Do remember that you are not trying to get yourself more tired here but are trying to get yourself fit and healthy. You may occasionally will stumble upon people outside and end up in a conversation but try and stick with your purpose and keep walking. 

Dance with your baby 
Babies love it when they are swayed from left to right (well either way really) smoothly. So when you have a free time like waiting for your stackable washer and dryer to complete the laundry and your baby happens to be awake, turn your favorite music on, sing along and dance with your baby. Do a little walk while dancing to allow your baby to look around and knows that the dance is not all about you but it will be as if you are entertaining him. While this may seems like an easy thing that does not require more and stronger movements, it does contributes some into keeping your body shape and fitness if you do it every other day. And while you are dancing you may also will find your baby has fallen asleep, so that is a plus, isn't it? 

Does caffeine makes you go into the washroom in the morning?  
Most coffee lovers including myself will find themselves running to the toilet with desperate urge to let their waste go after taking a few sip of caffeine in the morning. So if you are one of us and you think you had too many food in the previous night then have a cup of coffee in the morning. Though I personally don't think this is one of a tip to stay slim but I do this everyday and it makes me feel lighter and more energetic throughout the day. It really makes me feel like a whole bunch of something has just been taken away from my body (well it did!) 

I hope you will follow our tips and become slim and fit after pregnancy. Happy motherhood!!

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