The Exercises You Should Do Every Day To Stay Fit

With the use of the Internet, it is now easy to come across numerous publications from people sharing their daily activities and workouts that help them to stay fit. Event seasoned bodybuilders and athletes who use fitness gear from can attest that they also have the daily exercises they do at home on a daily basis. However, filtering those that work perfectly can be an uphill task. For this reasons, the list below offers the top popular exercises you need to do daily for excellent results.

Jumping jacks
This exercise style has been used for many centuries as a warm up and regular exercise at the same time. After a whole day of clogging your feet with shoes, you can wake up the feet nerves with a couple sets of jumping jacks. What is more, is that they also help the arms to stay fit especially if you type a lot in the office. They do not need any more space that your bedroom or sitting room.

Hip bridge
The hips are near the core of your workout energy. It is also just below the tummy which starts to show your dormant life. Working out the hip area has benefits running up and down the body from the head to the toes. You can either do the foot bridges while lying on a yoga mat or on a raised surface to support the upper back and shoulders. A repetition on a daily basis prepares you for the day whether at work or at the gym if you are a bodybuilder.

This method of exercising is good both for your thighs and the back. You can make it more challenging by carrying some dumbbells or kettlebells as you move up and down. Squats are so effective that they are highly recommended even for the seasoned weightlifting champions. As an ordinary person, doing three to four sets daily will make the life different.

Push-ups and pull-ups
It is possible to have biceps and triceps exercised while still at home. The push-ups are more of workouts of the upper body which includes the chest, arms, and the back. They are so popular in army camps due to their effectiveness. Pull-ups at home require a raised bar which is above your head. If you need one, you can probably buy a door frame pull-up bar with different handles both for diamonds pull-ups and the regular ones.

One legged dead lift
Fitness is not only on creating strength and power in muscles. However, the body also requires balance and mental focus. One-legged deadlift will help to improve on all aspects of fitness including the balance. It is recommended that one alternates each leg after each set. The deadlift weight should not be too heavy to challenge the body.

One leg shoulder press
Another balance and focus exercise to easily achieve on a daily basis is the one legged should press. It works well for office workers who want to work on their arms, shoulders and the balance at the same time.