10 Quick Tips For Choosing an Engagement Ring

Looking for a unique engagement ring may appear daunting, but when it comes down to it, it is not rocket science. To help you out with this important task, we've put together a simple guide that will help you discover the ideal engagement ring for the love of your life, certain to make her say 'YES'!

1. Size Matters! 
The very first thing you have to find out prior to going ring shopping would be to know how big her ring finger is. The simplest way to get this done would be to use an existing ring that she already owns. If you cannot find an old ring to do this do not worry. Try and find out from one of her friends or family, you can also find out what her style and preferences are from them too. 

2. Determine the form
The form or shape of the gemstone is important,  not only does this completely change the look of the entire ring but it will show off the stone too. There are a number of stone shapes to choose from. The most popular ones are round, marquise, princess, cushion, emerald, square, heart, pear and oblong with regards to diamond engagement rings for ladies.

3. Know Her Style
We can not say this enough! Make certain the ring you choose for your loved one complements her style. Do not create a ballpark estimate while you then face the chance of disappointing her. You will get tips from her wardrobe, her existing jewellery, buddies and family to understand whether she prefers a vintage, avant-garde or minimalist design.

4. Discover the 4 C's
Color, Cut, Clearness and Carat Diamonds are graded around the globally recognized standard for describing diamonds, also is referred to as 4 C's. Some C's are a symbol of Color, Cut, Clearness and Carat. With regards to diamonds, searching for just one having a 'D' grade that is Without color is better. It's thought that the right gemstone is one that's absolutely transparent without any hue. The Cut from the gemstone may be the second aspect you have to check while figuring out its beauty. It refers back to the finish, symmetry, polish and proportions from the gemstone. Actually, it's the cut from the gemstone that produces that sparkle the ladies give in to! The 3rd aspect is Clearness, that is very crucial, because it defines the issues within the gemstone. It is dependent upon the dimensions, nature, number and placement of internal inclusions and exterior blemishes. In layman's language, which means that the clearness and wholesomeness from the gemstone are available out using 10X magnification. The final the first is the Carat, which is about the load from the gemstone. It really means, the bigger the gemstone, the greater its carat. Because of the rarity of huge diamonds, they're more precious and costly. When out looking for your ideal ring, you have to set your priorities right. For those who have a luxurious plan for the ring, you are able to easily choose carat over cut, clearness and color.

5. Pick the Setting Wisely
Metallic framework by which your stone is mounted can set a dark tone for that ring. It's all about obtaining the shape and also the setting right. At this time, make sure that your choice represents the wearer and reflects her personal style.

6. Selection of Metal Matters
With regards to this guitar rock band, there are a number of metals to select from. The option of metal comes with an effect on the ring. The most popular ones are gold, platinum and white-colored gold for diamond engagement rings for ladies. Gold is available in several colors for example white-colored, rose, yellow and eco-friendly. Very durable and pure, platinum is a superb option for individuals who've sensitive skin.

7. Just How Much to invest?
You will need to decide on a budget right from the start, and stick with it. Ring salespeople will always push you to buy more expensive varieties, so know what you can afford to pay. It's suggested that men spend the equivalent of three months salary on a ring but that might not make sense for many couples. You could search for credit options where you can make monthly obligations based on what you could easily afford.

8. Search for the Guarantee and Warranty Details
If the ring needs to be repaired or adjusted, you'll have to find out about its guarantee or warranty details. Make sure to save important receipts, warranties along with other details securely. You should also look into purchasing insurance if the ring is accidentally lost or damaged so you don't end up out of pocket.

9. Search for the Certificate of Evaluation
Certificates of authenticity will read the value and features of the gemstone(s), and you'll require it if you opt to insure it. You will also want this for peace of mind, to know that you're paying for quality.

10. Be aware of Return Policies
Find out whether returns are welcome and when the jewelry expert you intend to buy the ring from is accommodating. If you need to return the ring for whatever reason, learn how to get it done correctly to save you from financial and emotional hassles afterwards. Hopefully your loved one does say yes- but it makes sense to have a backup plan just in case, you don't want to be stuck with a very expensive ring!

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