Home Decor: Are You Over-Inspired & Out Of Funds?

The pursuit of a beautiful home is something most of us are familiar with. The space we live in is the most important in the world; it’s our little haven away from everything else that bothers us about life. Somewhere we can retreat to, be ourselves; of course we want it to look as beautiful as possible. Pursuing the perfect interior decor is easier now than it ever has been. We’re surrounded, via Instagram and a variety of different blogs, by inspiration and ideas. You can barely browse Pinterest without finding a thousand different ideas that you want to try and create for yourself. The range of stores is expanding, and if you don’t like what’s on offer local to you, then you can literally source your decor from anywhere in the world. There is an unfortunate downside to these decor delights, however. There may be times when, inspired by the glorious photos on Instagram and your favourite blogs, that you find yourself too tempted; too attracted to a look or style that you don’t currently have. This can lead to dissatisfaction with your current decor; even if the work was only completed recently and you loved it at the time. In an effort to keep up with changing styles or finding yourself seduced by the latest look, your finances can take a serious hit. 

The Money Pit Of Keeping Up With The Joneses 
Interior design and decor are wonderful hobbies, making your home the haven it should be-- but decorating also tends to be expensive. If you have mastered the art of renovating a room without spending a fortune, then you should write a book and share your secrets with the world. For most of us, if we want to get good results, we’re going to have to spend our hard-earned cash. That’s fine, if you just renovate once, and are then satisfied with the results for a few years. However, all of that inspiration that we delight in -- the photos, the Instagram feeds, the ‘house tours’ from bloggers -- can mean that it’s tempting to pretty much be in a constant state of renovation. You find yourself thinking: “sure, I loved the blush and cream colour scheme six months ago, but I really desperately want to switch to grey now…” -- and on and on it goes. 

Controlling The Urge For Change 
As an enthusiast, you don’t need to be told to think through your home decor carefully before committing. Chances are you’ve thought through it over and over, before finally choosing the look you want to aim for. In fact, it might be healthier if you think less. Unless you want to be heading to Jubilee Finance for a loan to cover the expense of yet another refurb, it might be best to take some time away from interior inspiration. If you don’t, then you could quickly find yourself becoming dissatisfied with even the most recent of renovations. 

When you are ready to renovate a room -- and it genuinely needs it -- you can dive back on in for inspiration and find something you love. In the times between renovations, however, it might be best if you steer clear-- your budget will thank you for it!