Interior Design Essentials: The Three Ds

Interior design is a relatively subjective thing. What is in-style and on-trend for one person might be considered horrendously passe and gauche to another. We're all different, which is why creating a style that's just for you is so important. Whether you want to follow the trends or forge your own path, interior design should focus on the same fundamentals. These fundamentals apply no matter what your style choice; they are grounded in simple realities that can make all the difference to how your home looks. For once, this is an area of interior design that is completely free from subjectivity; a rather refreshing change! Browse through and see how these eternal realities can help keep your home both fabulous and functional. 

D for Desirable 
It goes without saying that you’re going to want any decor or furniture choice you bring into your home to be desirable -- but is that something you always manage to achieve? We all have to make compromises at times when it comes to decor and furniture choices. We may love the look of a certain furniture piece or flooring type, but our budget just can’t stretch that far. This means that we have to “make do” with another choice out of necessity. When this happens, you can find yourself realizing that “making do” is actually rather unsatisfactory. You’d rather have the more expensive piece, and opting for something you find less desirable has just made you resent your final choice. Keep desirability in mind when furnishing and decorating your home; this can guarantee you’re always making choices you love. Don’t just buy something because it’s sort-of-okay; ultimately, doing so is a waste of money. Wait until you can buy something you adore; as you can read about on, the delayed gratification will make it even sweeter when you do own something you truly find desirable.

D for Durable 
It’s not a particularly fun aspect of interior design, but the durability of the items you place in your home is important. There’s no point investing in a renovation if you’re going to have to renovate and replace again in a few years time. When it comes to focusing on durability, think of the essentials for your home, the items that are going to get the most wear and tear. The most important consideration in this area is the flooring, which is arguably the hardest-working area in your home. Don’t just hop on to and buy the first thing you see. Request samples, do your research, test the samples out in your home. Flooring is expensive to replace, so you need to ensure the choice you make is going to last. 

D for Dream
The final “D” of interior design is simple: Dream. We all have our ideals when it comes to interior design. If money, space, and practicality were no object, we can all dream of the way we would decorate, the paint colours we would use, the home sanctuary that we would create as a result. While you might not ever be able to furnish your home strictly according to your dream, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some aspects of your dream design into your existing home. Budget so you can save for something truly spectacular; or take the time to hunt down that retro piece of furniture you just can’t live without. You might not be able to create the complete vista of your dream decor, but you can get close -- and that’s not to be dismissed.

By keeping the three “Ds” in mind, you can ensure that your decor is suited to you and built to last.

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