Replace Or Repair: Business Equipment Decisions

When running your own business, it’s safe to say that you will usually keep one eye very firmly on your budget. Excluding wages for your employees, for most businesses the one area they spend the most on is their business equipment. The items that fall into this category are extremely varied, from the van you use for transport to the printer in the office. All of this equipment is essential for the healthy running of your business. Due to this, when business equipment breaks down, it can be a headache that you just don’t need. You are soon faced with a decision; should you replace the item in question, or replace it? Often, the answer is not quite as simple as you think. While you might assume that repair is the best, and most affordable, option, the reality might not be so simple. Before you order yet another repair on a misbehaving piece of business equipment, it’s worth asking yourself the following questions. 

How Many Times Has This Item Been Repaired Before?
If this is the first time you’re having to consider repairing an item, then that’s fair enough. If the copier machine breaks down or your laptop isn’t functioning, there’s a good chance you can have them back to rights with a simple repair-- so it’s worth considering this route first. If, however, this is the third or fourth time an item is being repaired, then there’s a chance you’re wasting money on the repairs. This is particularly pertinent in regards to vehicles. If a van from your company fleet is continually displaying problems, then you’d be better off pursuing van sales for a new vehicle than continuing to throw money at a problem that just keeps coming back, boomerang-like.

How Vital Is This Equipment To My Business?
If you can generally run your business without the item in question, then it’s worth investigating a repair. The item isn’t essential, and you’ve got time to wait for repairs to be completed. For more critical items, however, replacement might be the best choice. If you can’t conduct your business as you usually would without the item, then waiting for a repair is going to be costly in ways other than the purchase price of a new item. You also need to know that any money you do spend to repair or replace is going to be well-spent on something so vital, so replacement might be your best course of action. 

Is A Repair More Cost-Effective Than Replacement? 
It has been said that we live in something of a throwaway society, but the reason behind this is simple: often, it’s just cheaper to replace an item than to repair it. If you find this is the case, then do what makes the most sense for your financially-- you can always sell the old items “for spares or repair” online. 

Ultimately, you have to make the decision that feels right for your business. Just don’t be fooled into thinking repair is always better than replacement; in the long run, you could stand to save a lot of money by just outright replacing a troublesome item.

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