Working From Home? Five Need to Know New Trends

More of us than ever are now choosing to work from home. With the time and money lost commuting and modern advances in cloud computing, we no longer have to be in an office from 9 to 5, which has brought tremendous benefits for our lifestyles and stress levels. There are many reasons why the younger generation are increasingly choosing to be digital nomads- from lower start-up costs for the self-employed to helping to minimise environmental damage. You may have thought that working from home was an impossible dream, but there are some new trends that are making it easier than ever to consider this shift in your working life.

Cloud based systems
It used to be that web-based solutions were the poor relation to a full-service desktop operating system, but that simply isn't the case anymore. And it's not just the traditional giants, like Office 365, that are making cloud-based systems the first choice. New solutions are emerging that work even better - from Prezi casting shade at the humble Powerpoint Presentation to Canva offering thousands of customisable graphic design templates, intelligent solutions that are web-based and accessible from anywhere in the globe are now the ones to beat.

Virtual office working
If the idea of working in your pyjamas is a deterrent rather than an incentive, virtual offices could be the answer. Providing co-working space, you can access all the facilities of a luxury office environment in central locations like Grosvenor St Pauls. From professional calls handling to impressive meeting space, you no longer have to Skype clients from your kitchen table. This can be a huge boost to fledgling businesses who would benefit from appearing more professionally thanks to better support services. Having a professional environment at least part of the time can make a huge difference to keeping your productivity levels high.

Global nomadism
Having the physical freedom to follow your travel plans is also a huge motivator for some - and lately, there's been a rise in platforms connecting globetrotters and allowing them to combine travel with work opportunities, like Teleport. So now that two-week stay in Bali can also be a career opportunity.

Boost Productivity
And it may sound a little counter-intuitive but working from home can increase productivity dramatically. The lack of a dress code can encourage creative thinking, and you are in exact control of temperature, lighting, music - basically, you can create your ideal working environment. Not being at risk of time-draining interruptions and watercooler chats can also claw back time - which can mean an earlier finish or a later start becomes possible as well.

Save Money
Working from home can also save a lot of money. It's not just the direct expenses involved in a daily commute - fuel, travel passes, parking charges. There are also lots of lateral money-saving opportunities along the way. The lack of a dress code we mentioned before? Less money spent on suiting and office clothes. No Starbucks or Pret a Manger to tempt you? Making your own lunches and coffees is cost efficient and good for your health as well.

Even if you do decide a virtual office is a better option, you are in control of your own schedule - when your energy levels dip, it's easy to take a quick screen break and come back to a task when you’re feeling refreshed. So working from home is an evolving landscape at the moment - and it may be worth thinking about how it could benefit you.

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  1. i loved reading this post. I work full time in a school at the moment but the idea of working home makes me so happy. The idea of being able to manage your own schedule and not being told when and what meetings you attending would be amazing

    CharlotteSamantha //