Office To Drinks Style Tips

We all lead such busy lives. When you work full time, have family commitments, a house to run and a social life to maintain, it can all be such a fine balancing act. Often socialising is the the thing that gets dropped, but it shouldn't be this way! Seeing friends allows you to keep close bonds and have fun too, something that shouldn't be overlooked. We all know how tedious life can feel tedious when it's all work and no play. As the party season approaches, you might find you have to get a bit creative in order to attend everything on your social calendar, and one way you can do this is by swinging by the party or event right from work. Since work and party attire are pretty much stark opposites, you do need to find ways of styling yourself so you look suitable for both- but without the time and hassle of going all the way home and starting from scratch. Here are a few ideas for how you can go about it!

Start With a Plain Dress
The good thing about a plain dress is that it's versatile. A long sleeve black wrap dress for example looks perfectly appropriate for the office worn with a pair of tights, smart flats and a cardigan. Depending on the style of the dress you could even wear a white shirt underneath. When it comes to glamming up for the after work drinks, remove the leggings, shirt and cardigan and you have a plain black dress that can easily be dressed up. 

Switch Up Your Footwear
One of the quickest ways you transform your dress from day to night is by changing up your shoes. You could browse cheap women's boots, these are appropriate for this time of year as not only will a longer style keep your legs warm but can also look ultra glam for a night out. Otherwise, switching up sensible daytime flats for a pair of heels will make your dress look party ready. 

Add Accessories
A bold, chunky statement necklace or sparkle dangle earrings for example will take your look from office chic and transform it into a stunning evening outfit. If you're going bold, you only really need one piece of jewellery as it can make such an impact. Switch out your large work's tote back for an evening clutch too, something with a bit of sparkle would be great for the party season.

Change Your Hair and Makeup
Finally, a quick change with your hair and makeup can totally transform your entire look. If you're wearing statement earrings, sweep your hair up into a simple french knot and secure with a clip. If you're wearing it down, bring a mini can of dry shampoo in your bag and spray it through to give you some volume. Another option would be to wear a french plait to work, and then undo this and wear it down and wavy when you go out. A swipe of red lipstick again can make a massive amount of difference and change your neutral work makeup into something that looks ideal for a party.

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