How To Make Employees Feel Welcome In Your Small Business

Starting a new job isn’t easy for anyone, especially when you’re starting in a small business. While small businesses can bring a greater sense of camaraderie and closer team working, trying to fit in with a team that’s so well-gelled can be difficult for an outsider. Want to make your new employees feel welcome in your small business? Take a look at some of the tips below.

Start with some informal introductions
It’s a good idea for new starters to get to know the people they’re working with before they get to grips with their role. A welcome breakfast or brunch is a nice way to welcome a new employee and help them get to know their new colleagues in a less formal setting. Take a look at some ice breakers you can try to help everyone get to know each other a bit better. Try to fit in as many informal introductions as possible to help a new member of the team settle quickly.

Organise some welcome gifts
Being the new person in the office isn’t always easy, especially when you can’t find what you need like stationery or a mug. Think back to when you were a new starter and put a ‘welcome pack’ together for your new recruit. This could include a mug, some office supplies and even a selection of desks snacks to help them their desk a little more personal and make sure they have some of the basic things they need to get settled.

Be sensitive to their needs
It’s important that your workplace caters to the needs of all employees, and a new starter might bring about some things you might not have had to consider before. If your new employee has a disability, you might benefit from access consulting to make sure your workplace is suitable as well as offering employees any training they might need to ensure they display the right etiquette. Speak to your new starter before they start work to see if there’s anything they need to feel more comfortable at work.

Get them involved in all areas of the business
Working in a small business means that employees soon become aware of everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Helping a new starter to get used to the work environment, company objectives, etc. through spending time with all members of the team is a good way to learn more about what everyone does and how their work will relate. They will feel more comfortable knowing who they need to ask about what, while also getting a better sense of how the business works overall.

When you’re running a small business, there are many essentials things to consider when it comes to hiring staff. It’s great to put your own team together, and a team that fits well will make the workplace a much better environment to work in. Do everything possible to help welcome new employee settle in and to help them become a valuable member of the team.