Make This Christmas Beautiful Without Breaking the Bank

Whatever your religious denomination (if any) there’s no denying that there’s something magical about Christmas. Maybe it’s the way the frost and snow can transform the most dreary of British landscapes into a greetings card diorama. Maybe it’s the sense of togetherness that we get as we snuggle cosily and dine with our family, friends and loved ones. Perhaps it’s the frenzied unwrapping of presents that makes us all feel like children again as we wake up giddy with anticipation. Whatever it is, there’s a whole lot to love about Christmas.

That said, all that joy can come at a cost. For many families across the country, Christmas presents some tough choices. Do we save, or do we borrow? Both options can be made viable for savvy families, and each has its advantages. Payday loans from and credit cards can be turned to your advantage so long as you’re able to box clever and manage your repayments effectively. For some of us, however, it’s simpler to save what we can where we can. Fortunately, it’s easy to have a beautiful Christmas without breaking the bank. Here’s how…

Make your own ornaments
It’s easy to become bewitched by the expensive ornaments that are proliferate throughout Christmas markets across the country, but spending £10 on a fresh fruit wreath isn’t exactly conducive to balancing the family budget. If you’re of a crafty disposition, it’s cheap and easy to make staggeringly beautiful Christmas ornaments that will be as talking point for guests. A quick Google will reveal just how easy and fun it can be to manufacture these unique and gorgeous festive accoutrements:

-Origami stars
-Clove oranges
-Homemade potpourri
-Homemade clay tree ornaments 
-Pipe cleaner candy canes
-Pompom snowmen
-No-sew festive bunting
-DIY advent calendars
-Beaded Christmas tree ornaments

If you’re really talented at Christmas crafts, you might even be able to monetise this talent. If you have the time and patience to make these in batches, you may be able to make some extra festive pocket money selling them on Etsy.

Make your own Christmas crackers
Pulling crackers is a ubiquitous Christmas tradition… But what comes out when the crackers are pulled is virtually always underwhelming. If bad jokes, paper hats and tacky novelties that are destined to end their lives soaked in gravy and forgotten on the plates of departed guests, making your own crackers can be a fun alternative. Jamie Oliver offers this easy tutorial for making homemade Christmas crackers and while it may take a little time and effort you can decorate them to match your home’s decor and fill them with the kinds of gifts and treats that your family will really want.

Save on the tree
On balance, artificial Christmas trees offer far more value for money than their living counterparts. You can save money by using the same tree and decorations year after year. If, however, it just isn’t Christmas without a real tree, you can still make substantial savings thanks to IKEA who are currently offering a no minimum spend voucher to all customers who buy one of their £25 real trees.

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