Is Your Office In Need of an Update?

sleek, modern office with macbook on a white desk

Your office is so much more than four walls- it's essentially the 'brain' of your business. A space that's inspiring and gives employees the ability to think freely and creatively should not be underestimated. A lot of business owners fail to appreciate just how critical office design is, and how much it can hinder creativity and productivity. Your office impacts how your employees think, feel and, ultimately, work. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the key signs that your office is due an upgrade.

Confused Layout
Maximising office space is important because it improves efficiency, both in terms of your workforce and your expenditure. If you have pockets of your office that are not used, and other areas that are awkward or frustrating, this is a clear sign that you need to redesign your offices. Is it space that's the issue? As your business expands you'll need to adapt and move to premises that are right for you. Find a nice new office space to work from, and use a commercial mover to make the job quick and painless. You can learn more today about this service if you're planning an office move in the near future. 

No ergonomics
Ergonomic furniture is a necessity, providing employees with the ability to work efficiently and maintain high levels of health and safety. Invest in better quality desks and chairs with your workers health in mind. When they spend so much of their day sat at their desk, the right furniture will avoid back and neck strain, and generally keep them happy and healthy. If you've not embraced ergonomics in the workplace, you need to. 

Old, dated decor
You know the importance of keeping up with the times in terms of your company software- you use cloud based systems, you've integrated much of your business online and have utilised companies like Ignite Digital for your marketing and SEO efforts. But does your office match your businesses image online? When someone walks through the door, it should be evident that you are housed in this office space. From livening up a logo to incorporating corporate colours, there are many different ways you can give your office a branded makeover.Are your walls grubby and your carpets faded and old fashioned? Do yourself a favour and pay to have them updated. A coat of paint on the walls will make everything look fresh and new. If your carpet keeps getting stained and dirty, go with something like CARRcrete polished concrete, wood or natural stone instead. It will look professional and be easy to keep clean.

Whinging workers
Last but not least, there is no clearer sign that your offices need updating than workers who are complaining about it. Rather than getting frustrated with your workforce, listen to them! They need to work in this environment day in, day out, after all, and so if it is uninspiring and outdated, their work will suffer, which is bad news for your business. Good working conditions will enable your staff to thrive.

If you have noticed any of the signs that have been mentioned above, your office needs an upgrade, and it needs one sooner rather than later. You will be surprised by how much of a difference this can have on the way your employees feel and work, as well as the way people view your business. If you often welcome customers and clients through the doors, the importance of a modern office that represents your brand well cannot be ignored.

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