Marriage: What To Do When It Just Ain't Workin'

Getting married to someone is a huge deal. It's taking that big leap between 'I like you a lot', and 'I love you and I want the whole world to know we belong with each other forever!' Nobody should ever rush into getting married because they think that it's the answer, because it isn't. It isn't something to take lightly - it's a conscious choice towards the future. Now of course, nobody said marriage was going to be easy. There are plenty of ups and downs like any relationship, only marriage means that you have to stick around to face the problems when they arise because that's the promise you've made to one another, and you both want to do what you can to keep it. If you feel like you're beginning to go through a really rough patch recently, then it's important that you understand that there are always options out there to help and support the both of you.Here are some of your options.

A lot of people turn their noses down to the idea of going to marriage counselling, because they don't like the idea of bringing a stranger from the outside into their relationship. But in fact, this is also the reason why it can be so good, because they aren't biased or taking sides. They're able to see the relationship as a whole, and spot where the issues lie. One very useful skill that you'll learn when doing this, is how to communicate with one another in a way that doesn't get heated or argumentive. It's all about listening to each other's feelings and needs, and then trying to work on them together.

Time apart
It may sound rather strange, but giving each other some time apart can help to clear the mind, and see how you really feel about one another. This can really go one of two ways. You'll either realise how much you miss one another and can't wait to get back to how things used to be. Or, you may see that being alone is just what you need right now, and although unfortunate, at least you are able to know what it is that you want. So if you're ready to figure out where you both stand, have a week apart and see where the cards end up falling.

Moving on
Sometimes, you may come up to a point when you realise that you've done all that you can do, and maybe in order to both truly be happy, you need to go your separate ways. This is never an easy thing to admit or accept, but if you've tried everything and things still aren't getting better, maybe it just wasn't meant to be - and that's okay. Expert Family Lawyers will help you to go about things the right way while giving you support and advice if you need it. You should never feel as though you've given up, instead, see it as a necessary means to an end, and remind yourselves of all the happy times you had, rather than the bad.

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