Realise Your Potential With a Positive Mindset

Success is never guaranteed, regardless of how smart you are. It’s your mindset that will often bring about better outcomes for you than intelligence alone, but the reality is that this kind of positive psychology is difficult for some people. If this is something you might be struggling with, read on - we’re going to go through some of the ways that you can change your mindset, be more positive, and realise your potential. 

Adopt the ‘growth mindset’
It’s easy to say that you will instantly become more positive - but far more difficult to actually do in real life! It’s vital to adopt what is known as the ‘growth mindset’ if you want to improve your all-around performance and become more motivated. Here are a couple of things you can try. First, start to understand that there is no quick path to success. There will be many challenges that lie ahead, but it’s important that you embrace these - don’t beat yourself up about them. Secondly, start seeing failure as a learning opportunity rather than a disaster. Everyone makes mistakes - but it’s what you learn from them that will help you realise your potential. 

Plan realistically
Make sure you set yourself realistic goals. Focusing on smaller objectives, one step at a time will enable you to realise your potential and get closer to your biggest dreams. For example, let’s say that your ultimate goal is to start your own engineering firm. You’ll need to go to college first and work towards a degree. You might need to pick up some experience working at a local engineering firm. Then you might benefit from doing an MBA with engineering focus, to give you the skills you need to transform your knowledge into a viable business. You could also plan to find yourself a mentor to help you get your ideas over the line. Put it this way - if you want to swim the Channel, you don’t just head to the beach and start swimming. You need to train yourself until you are ready, get in shape, and find a guide or trainer that will teach you everything you need to know.

Be positive
Again, it’s easy to say ‘be positive,’ but a lot easier to allow pessimistic thoughts to enter your mindset, especially when you reach a tricky period or a tough challenge. However, research shows that just by thinking positively, your brain is stimulated to be more imaginative, motivated, empathetic, and broader thinking. Here are a few things you can do. First, start monitoring how you think. If you can notice when negative thoughts start to appear, it’s a lot easier to head them off before they take hold. Be mindful of your current mindset, and try to be rational about your fears and worries - be honest, what’s the worst that could happen?

Take responsibility
Finally, it’s time to understand that you are responsible for your actions. Sure, it’s easy to make excuses, but if you want to achieve anything, it’s time to put them all to bed and shift responsibility to yourself rather than someone or something else. Get this part of the equation right, and you will be well on your way to realising your potential.

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