Five creative ideas for decorating an aquarium in your home

Everyone loves a good fish tank. However, in recent years inspired fans have been pushing the boundaries of the wow-factor. Are you after a marvel of design, something a little more off-the-wall, or are just hunting for inspiration to let your own creativity loose? Have you always longed for an aquarium, but are nervous about getting started? Here are some brilliantly beautiful ideas, along with some insider tips to improve your chances of pulling off these dazzling masterpieces.

Bam-Buddha forest 
Are you looking to add some seriously stunning calm to your home? There are many things in life that are icons of tranquillity. An aquarium is up there with the best of them, and their beautiful charm is recognised as helping with both stress relief and depression. This tank is awash with intelligent design merging three themes into a harmonious and unique expression of relaxation. It also provides an interesting environment for your aquatic friends to explore. To achieve your own forest aquarium you will need to master the art of bamboo. A semi-aquatic plant, it will grow happily in water as long as the tank has bright lighting and a temperature between 59-80° F. Getting expert advice on aquarium thermometer equipment is a sensible way to ensure that your bamboo grove flourishes. Fish specialists will also be able to advise on how to set this tank up with the correct balance of fish, filtration systems, lighting, and aquatic care.

Beach to Jungle 
Ever thought of creating a tropical paradise in your own home? Why not turn your aquarium into a paradise beach? By having half the tank dense with plant-life, and the other half a sandy shore, you can create an eye-catching tank that has fun variety for fish. Like a painter’s masterpiece, this tank is a cost efficient way to immediately add some wow-factor to your home. This design needs living plants so that the environment is not too dense for the fish, but that’s worth it for the impressive aesthetic. To pull of this design, you need to master the art of aquarium sand. It can take a bit of getting used to, because ordinary cleaning systems do not work. However, once mastered, sand adds a natural organic accent to any aquarium. 

Eastern Forest Getaway 
Who doesn’t want to escape to a tranquil Zen forest every now and then? And even better, bring it straight into your home? This stunning tank design offers a charming subtlety. Like a moving picture with discrete hidden gems to uncover amongst its miniature mountains, this tank speaks of ancient calm. It’s also an inviting environment for fish, offering plenty of opportunities to explore the forest caves. For this tank, make sure that you get a reliable filtration pump that has excellent pressure control. Much of the aesthetic of this aquarium is in the positioning of the plants, so you want good control over water movement. The rest of the creativity is over to you.

Super Mario Fishtank 
It’s incredible to think that the first Mario game was released nearly thirty years ago. Since then, the iconic design has become a legendary classic. So why not celebrate by recreating one in your home? This is a fun-filled tank idea with a game that your fish will enjoy participating in. Plus, there’s no reason why you can’t have real a real creative splurge with this design by changing the backgrounds as Mario levels up. This design is more suited for freshwater tanks than tropical, as, until the day we discover an aquatic version of Super Mario’s emblematic 8-bit trees, there is a slight chink in the overall aesthetic. The challenge with this tank is in sourcing the parts for your Mario World. You can find Mario figures online, but may need to resort to Lego to build the landscape. However, you do it, don’t forget to purchase a few water weights, otherwise your Mario World will float away.

Floating Rock Planet Fish Tank 
Looking for more than earth-bound aquatic friends? Turn your pets into aquatic space-fish! This gravity-defying tank looks as though two dimensions have collided and created a new universe. There’s absolutely no reason not to think of your tank as a 3D canvas, and get creative with using different heights and spaces to create an utterly memorable design. The benefit of this other-worldly design is that various companies offer a complete kit that’s safe for your intrepid space-fish. This design relies heavily on a lack of plant life, which is a key oxygenator in tanks. Therefore, make sure you have a good bubbly filter and an aerator, and invest in a dissolved oxygen meter in order to test the water.

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