Five Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom

Turn your bedroom into a stylish paradise this weekend by adding volume, color, texture, pattern, and some oomph. If you believe your bedroom requires upgrading, a makeover might just be what you need, and that does not have to be expensive. Here are five quick and easy ways of creating the heaven you need in your bedroom.

Reposition your Bed 
First, understand that whether you are trying to decorate a guest room, master bedroom, or kid's room, the bed is the key furniture piece and as such, becomes the most important part of your interior design. Many people forget that arranging furniture is an art and, therefore, tend to follow the traditional rule of positioning the bed in the far corner of the room against the wall. If the dimensions prevent you from positioning your bed at the center or against the wall across from the door, look for a possible position where the bed can be accommodated.

Add Some Patterned Wallpaper or Colour Accents 
Today, wallpaper goes beyond what traditionally hung in the living room. If your door and bedroom furniture have lost their luster over the years, you can upcycle them using patterned wallpapers. This method is highly effective on wooden pieces. It is a technique that can give rise to a remarkable transformation, and the possibilities are almost limitless. Have the wallpapers on the cupboards, drawers, table tops, wardrobes, and any other furniture you have in your bedroom. What's more, you can make the upgrades using color accents.Painting the door with a bright color palette, for instance, can quickly give your room some warmth and personality. Remember to match the color with the room's accent to ensure it fits just fine. Given that most furniture comes in dark colors, it is worth noting that you can't just choose any other shade to complement it. For your bedroom furniture,opt for light yet warm shades such as pink, turquoise, green, or peach. If what you need is something minimalist, then go for the black and white combo.

Pack-Up Your Non-Seasonal Stuff 
Having more than you need in your bedroom comes across as a huge mess. Pack-up the stuff you do not need at the moment tomake your room look more spacious. If yours is a small room, make use of tall dressers to store stuff. Make clear walkways from one point of your bedroom to another. Ensure your clothes are folded neatly. If you have a small bedroom and your closet is spacious, try fitting the dresser in it to free up some space.

Change Up the Lighting In the Room 
Apart from the bedside table lamp, you could invest in pendant lights and hang them on the ceiling. They tend to open up space in the room, making it feel stylish and warm. Besides, they come in different styles and sizes, from crystals that are delicate to the eye to glass orbs.

Add Plants 
You can bring a soothing and natural feel to your bedroom by adding a touch of a botanical theme. Anything from branches, flowers, to living plants will all work just fine. Depending on your taste, you can choose between the real plants and the botanically inspired types. Plants have been shown to evoke a sense of calm to us as humans, and so adding them to the bedroom which you want to be a relaxing space is never going to be a bad thing.

There are numerous ways to make any size of bedroom steal the show and bring out your personality. Make a cost-effective, bold statement using a curated collection of colors and textures.

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  1. The room always feels different when you move the bed around. I love the idea of plants but my room is so dark and hot. Great list! Atowle|