Going Down: Five Reasons You Absolutely Should Create A Basement

Whenever you read articles about home renovations, you get the standard ‘conservatory, garage, attic’ information. You’ll read all about the best ways that you should extend in these areas to add value to your home and make it a place that you want to be. The thing is, your home has so much more potential to be interesting and quirky and the best way to do it is to dig deep – go for a basement renovation instead. Basements are often neglected in the homes that already have them. It’s not because homeowners are lazy, it’s just that they take for granted what an awesome space they have. You’ll often see people use their basement as a dumping ground for boxes, old furniture and items in the home that they don’t want on display anymore. Basements are known to be slightly damp, slightly inhabited by spiders and they have less light than the rest of the house. However, with a little TLC, a consultation with contemporary architects and a lot of imagination, you can have a basement space that will rival the rest of the home for functionality and design. Don’t let your basement fall into a category of unused, because here are five reasons you should start planning your basement renovations right now:

More Space
For a growing family, space is precious and it’s a commodity with which the kids will barter. So, instead of listening to bickering, digging down and renovating a basement can create extra space in your home. It’s going to be expensive if you don’t have a basement already, but if you do, the renovation is going to be money well spent.

More Value
One day, you might choose to sell your house and buy bigger, or in a new school district. Selling your house means that it has to be on the top of its design game, and this’ll be imperative when it comes to renovating your basement. You can add value when you add a bedroom or kitchen into the home – think on that.

Energy Savings
When you have a basement that is just hanging out as a storage room, it’s not often insulated correctly. You can save on your overall utilities with a renovation as you won’t have a basement leaking heat into the air.

Kitchen, guest suite, games room, lounge space – there are so many ways that you can renovate your basement, and you can be sure that however you do it, you’ll enjoy it. You get to be the person in charge of how it goes, which means it’s money well spent for the whole family.

The main rooms of the home may be smaller than you’d hoped, so entertaining friends and family may well be too hard. When you have a basement, you open up a space you didn’t consider before.

Whichever way you choose to upgrade your basement, you are going to benefit massively. Why wait? Get planning now and you’ll have a home to be envied.

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