Winter Wedding? Yes, It Can Be Done!

If you are in a hurry to get married, or your friends and family members are only available during the winter months, you will face new challenges when trying to organise the big day. You have to plan for the weather, choose the right date and location, and make sure that you find the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Below you will find a couple of tips to help you plan your winter wedding and make sure that you are going to enjoy the best day of your life. 

Take Advantage of Lower Prices 
One of the good news is that you will be offered lower prices on venues and catering services. The bad news is that some of the wedding companies will not be happy to work during the winter. This means that you might have to find a wedding planner who has experience organising winter events, so they can help you out with useful advice and tips on making the most out of your time and the opportunities. Nonetheless, the companies that are still open in the winter will be more willing to customise your services. 

Check the Weather 
It is also crucial that you check the weather forecast and the climate of the area you are getting married. If you are planning on hiring a castle or a villa on a mountain in the winter, it is important that you can get everyone transported up and down. The last thing you want to do is getting stuck on your wedding day because of a snow storm. You might choose a better connected wedding venue just in case the weather turns bad and is trying to ruin your big day. 

Seasonal Decoration 
It might also be a good idea to look for some seasonal winter decoration, such as real wood and fake snow. Snowflakes on the table and all around the room can give your guests a good atmosphere. Instead of having the chandeliers on, you might use candles to make your wedding venue look and feel more romantic. It is crucial that you check with the hotel or restaurant when they start putting their Christmas decorations on, or you might end up celebrating the holidays instead of your wedding day. 

Get the Right Dress 
Once you have chosen your winter wonderland for your wedding, you will also have to find the perfect dress. It might be a good idea to go for the Snow Queen style and have long sleeves, just in case you are getting your photos taken outside in the cold. However, you can also add a white bolero to your dress, or a scarf to keep you warm walking down the aisle and walking from the car to the venue. 

Find the Perfect Winter Wedding Venue 
It might also be a good idea to look for a wedding venue early. With all the Christmas and New Year parties coming up in December and large companies booking rooms, you will have to compete with the corporate world. Consider the location, parking, and accessibility for your guests, and make sure that you are going to be able to control the temperature indoors, so it is not too hot or cold for you and your guests. 

Be Careful Around Holiday
It is important that you try not to book your wedding around Christmas and New Year. First of all, many people choose to go away this time of the year. Second, hotels and restaurants are going to be busy, and more likely to let you down when you ask them to customise the space for your needs. January and February might not sound as your ideal time to get married, but they are some of the cheapest months. 

Consider Going Away
In case you are not ready for the surprises hotels and restaurants in the UK and the weather have in store for your wedding day, you might want to simply go away and book a venue at a moderate climate country. There are Mediterranean islands with great all-year-round temperatures, but you might have to pay extra for the weather. Still, if you would like to enjoy the day without disruptions, this might be your best option. 

Planning a winter wedding requires a lot of checking and precautions. Be sure that you are considering all your options, check out the weather, the backup generator, and the roads. Avoid getting caught up in the Christmas and New Year rush, and you will have yourself a fab winter wedding on a budget.

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