Hosting The Perfect Halloween Bash This Weekend

The weekend is almost upon us and if you are planning a last minute Halloween party for your friends and family, now is likely the time where you are starting to panic a little bit. But don’t worry, because today we have everything you need to make an awesome Halloween bash which everyone will remember until Christmas.

Spooky atmosphere 
The main thing you want to create when you are hosting a Halloween party is a creepy and scary at atmosphere right from the off, for example you can think about making some hanging ghosts on the trees in your front garden, hanging up some spider webs and giant spiders near the door, and then having a small smoke machine going through the whole home to give that feeling of ghostliness.

Awesome home decor 
When you want to make an impression and bring everything you’ve got to your Halloween party your decorations need to be great. An easy way to make sure you have the best decorations is to pick a theme such as a haunted house, nightmare before Christmas, beetlejuice… and you can use these things to build up characters and iconic decor which will make people feel like they have stepped into a whole new world. 

Great entertainment 
Every party needs to have some great entertainment and there are lots of things that you can do to make sure your party is the best. You could hire a DJ like Benny Smyth, get a band, or even think about getting a cocktail bar to teach you all how to make some Halloween themed drinks. It can be a fun thing to play around with and you will also want to hold some games. You can have Apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, beer pong, a costume contest and much more to make for the perfect party for everyone who comes. 

Fun foods 
Fun Halloween food is the best thing you can play around with for the party because Halloween is all about being crazy with sugar and colour and not holding back. You can make things like toffee apples, ghost cupcakes, Oreo spiders, spooky cake pops and loads more. You can find lots of amazing ideas door Halloween treats on Pinterest and you can really have some fun and get creative this year. 

Crazy cocktails 
Cocktails are what Halloween is all about! And you can have some fun being a mixologist this year by making some of your own spooky concoctions. Things like a vampire Frappuccino with Baileys, a witches brew and zombie brains can be fun to make and you will be able to really play around with bright colours. For an extra bit of flair you can even get some dry ice to use! 

There are so many fun ways to spend this weekend with your friends and family and you can make some really great memories and have fun dressing up in the craziest costumes. So get out the baking ingredients and have some fun this weekend making some amazing treats and decorating the house for a spooktacular time.

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  1. I am actually hosting a lil Halloween get together this weekend and for food, everyone is to bring something made with a pumpkin. We are going to be sick of eating pumpkin but who cares.