Rest, Relax and Restore With a Cosy Home This Autumn/ Winter

After a long, hot summer the weather has finally cooled down; the shorter days and the leaves changing on the trees are a signal for us all get inside into the warm. And let's face it, there's nothing nicer than cosy evenings and weekends spent at home. After a good few months of being busy and making the most of the sunshine, it can actually be quite refreshing to head back indoors and enjoy a more laid back pace- while making the most of our beloved homes. Here's how you can amp up the cosiness!

Pile on soft furnishings
Soft furnishings are a great way to add colour to the home, and during the autumn and winter months shades like red, orange, deep brown, gold and navy all work well. Not only do they look cosy but they can add a real warmth too. Look in your favourite homeware store for things like rugs, throws, cushions and pillows. Focus on the bedroom and living room in particular since these will be areas you'll be spending a lot of time relaxing. eBay do lots of nice quality soft throws that wash well, and if you have a sewing machine you could easily make your own cushion covers. You don't have to spend a fortune on these kinds of things, but adding them makes a massive difference. 

Get the lighting right
The right lighting will set the ambience in a room. If you've got your decor right but the room still doesn't feel as cosy as you'd like, chances are it's the lighting you need to adjust. Get yourself a couple of lamps, if you invest in smart lighting then you can tailor the warmth and brightness to exactly how you want it. You can adjust it depending on what you're doing, or switch to any presets of your choice using your phone or voice activated speaker. 

Upgrade your bathroom
A hot bath or shower can really do wonders after a long day. Maybe you've been rushed off your feet at work and need to de-stress, or maybe you've been stuck outside in the cold and need to thaw out! Upgrading your bathroom and making it into a space that you're happy spending time in is a worthy investment. In some cases, all that will be needed is a few new towels, a fluffy bath mat and perhaps a new shower screen to replace a mouldy old shower curtain. If your bathroom is worse for wear, you could look into giving it a full renovation. New tiles and flooring would help to create a spa- like sanctuary. A claw foot bath would give an ultra high end appearance, and you could even look into Insignia steam showers. These hydro massage showers are extremely impressive, with features like steam generators that convert the shower in to a steam room. Not to mention body massage jets, mood enhancing lighting, integrated radios, telephones, touch screens and more. A wonderful way to bring your bathroom into the twenty first century, add value to your home and allow you to enjoy the ultimate shower. Especially nice at this time of year when it's cold outside. 

Think about fragrances
If you really want to create a nice ambience and add to the cosy factor of a room, then dont overlook fragrance. Scented candles, reed diffusers, plug in air fresheners and pot pourri can all add a gorgeous scent that makes any room feel homely. Go with warming spices, vanilla and seasonal fruits. Bliss!

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