Cheap Ways to Add Value to Your Home Before the Sale

Before listing your property for sale, you need to make sure you renovate it extensively. This way, you will get the maximum value from the sale. This activity does not have to cost you a lot of money. Here are some affordable ways to add value to your home before selling it: 

Increase Curb Appeal 
Many people neglect the exteriors of their homes when renovating their houses. Of course, the interior of the house is very important, but the exterior can make or break your sale. Most people will not look twice at a home with an ugly compound or door. The poor first impression will also give them a bargaining point. You can make your exterior attractive by first painting the door. You should choose a bold colour for this task, but make sure it matches the rest of the colours in your house. Painting should be done on a warm day with no rain forecast. After painting the door, you can replace old house numbers with new ones. Changing the doorknob will also cost you very little money and can make your house stand out. There are many high-tech door knobs available now, and these can even be used to unlock the door with numerical codes. However, if you want to spend very little money, you can find an affordable and unique doorknob and install it on your door. You can also improve your first impression by adding porch curtains. These will add a dramatic look to your house and, at the same time, they will create an outdoor getaway. Installing a new mailbox can also improve the appearance of your front yard. Wheelie bins are extremely unattractive. Since you cannot get rid of them, try to set them up in hidden locations.

Paint in Neutral Tones
A coat of white, magnolia or very light grey is an easy way to make your home look fresh and clean. These pale colours will bounce the light around so that the rooms look airy and spacious, and will appeal to most homebuyers. Create a blank canvas that enables them to picture themselves in your home, without too many personal details such as bold colours or patterned wallpaper which can be distracting. 

Work on Your Garden 
Home buyers are also interested in a well-groomed garden. You can make your garden more appealing by mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. Also, you should weed the flower bed and plant more attractive and functional flowers. You can also consider painting the outside storage and installing garden lights. Paying someone to improve your garden can cost you some more money, but it will be worth the investment. You are likely to make crucial mistakes when you handle the entire process without a professional, and these mistakes will cost you a lot of money in the long run. 

Declutter the House 
A cluttered house usually feels less spacious, and that can make your house appear less appealing to potential buyers. You should declutter the house from one room to the next. The items should be categorised correctly. For example, you should group together items that you want to give to charity. 

Smarten Up Your Bathroom 
The bathroom is an important part of your home. You can improve it by adding a new layer of paint. You should also consider getting new towels and toilet roll holders. At the same time, you can upgrade or replace your taps, toilet seats, and shower curtains. The basins and showers should be cleaned to remove any layers of limescale and grout. You can also improve the appearance of the bathroom by decluttering the toiletries. 

Focus on the Kitchen 
The kitchen should be worked on thoroughly before you list your property for sale. You can start by decluttering the cupboards and kitchen surfaces. If the walls and cupboards are looking dull, you can add a fresh coat of paint. Ideally, you should go for neutral colours. You can also brighten the room by getting new bulbs, curtains, and blinds. If possible, you should hang some matching paintings on the kitchen wall. 

Check the Lighting 
A brighter room feels more friendly and comfortable. You can improve the lighting in the room by getting rid of your heavy curtains. You can also purchase some low-cost table and floor lamps. These lamps are especially important in living rooms that are overcast. 

Apply for Planning Permission 
Property buyers will want to know whether they can remodel or add extensions to the house. Applying for a planning permit will help you determine what a potential buyer will be able to do to the property. This application will cost you less than £200, and if your application is granted, your property will significantly appreciate in value.

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