Five Clues That Your Business is Ready for a Change

There are certainly moments in the life of every company when you have to consider if the brand and image that you’re working on is working hard enough. If it truly reflects who you are and the values you represent in your industry. If you’re not sure if you need to change your business brand and style, take a look at these five pointers and ask yourself the hard questions.

1. You Don’t Feel Unique Anymore
How much can you honestly say you stand out from the competition? Are you coasting along with everyone else or is there something about your corporate image that really stands out? If you feel like you’re cruising along in the shallows with the rest of the competition then it’s time to make a drastic change and a rebrand could provide just the jumpstart you need.

2. Your Customer Has Moved On
And you haven’t quite managed to keep up with them. If you’re struggling to make real connections with your existing customer base then something has definitely changed. It might be that they’re getting a better deal elsewhere or that what you’re offering in terms of product or price just isn’t what this set of customers needs. It’s time to get some smart business know-how in to determine who you should be targeting and to stop chasing existing markets that don’t respond.

3. You Need To Up Your Costs
If people think they’re getting the same old product from the same company but paying more for it, they’re not going to be happy. When you need to up your costs and therefore your prices, it’s the perfect time to relaunch offering a whole new look and helping to reposition yourself as a market leader that’s worth paying extra for.

4. Your Products Have Moved On
Quite naturally as your business has grown so have your products and your services. If a new customer found you in a Google search they might just as easily scroll past you because your appeal isn’t at all obvious. To stop losing business in this casual manner, you need to rebrand and find a new and clever way of retaining something of the old while showing exactly who you are. If, for example you, manufacturer goods such as Agentdraw how are you selling your services?

5. You’re Out Of Step 
While everything around you has changed, you’ve kept your head down and ploughed on. While your products are sound they are considered old fashioned and are not reaching a younger market. Now’s the time to get that branding agency in to shake up your image and appeal to a new and willing set of customers.

Making the case for a rebrand can be an uphill battle, particularly if you have grown to love the image and values that are associated with your company. But very often growth does involve a certain amount of necessary change and when that need arises it’s time to grab that bull by the horns and get it done. 

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