Introducing Glo and Ray Cosmetics

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Glo and Ray are the new makeup brand on the block; expect to see their gorgeously packaged, sleek black products make an appearance on blogs and in makeup bags across the UK in 2015. They're a British company that draws inspiration from the wonder of light, and state that they provide the tools to illuminate every woman's individuality. Despite starting out as beauty blog, my obsession with cosmetics has definitely dwindled over the past year or so and it takes a lot to grab my interest these days (a lot of the time I feel as though I've seen it all before). But I really did like the look of these, and am glad I gave them a chance because they're amazing! Two of the three have become staples in my everyday routine, which is quite the compliment to them as it's been a while since I've liked anything enough to replace what I'm already using.

This is a beautiful raspberry red shade, the pinkish undertone and creamy formula means it's flattering and easy to wear. I'll admit shimmer in lipstick usually sends me running for the hills, however this is much more of a cream lipstick with a subtle sparkle and not a scary looking metallic finish that most 'shimmer' lipsticks tend to have. I'm quite lazy with bold lipsticks these days and hardly ever reach for them unless I'm going on a night out or somewhere special, but I can definitely see this being one that I go for when I'm getting done up. I plan on wearing it for Valentines Day in a couple of weeks, it's the perfect romantic Valentine-y shade!

This is exactly my kind of thing; the colour and the formula are very much up my street, I only ever wear muted pinks and nude shades on an everyday basis so I know I'll get loads of use from this. Glo and Ray call this a 'creamy matte', it's slightly more matte than your average cream formula but doesn't have the drying finish or quite as long wear time as a matte lipstick. This is no bad thing when it comes to nude lipstick, lighter shades are well known for showing up every flaw which is always made much worse with a drying formula. I love the shade too; finding the balance between a nude lipstick that looks like concealer and one that looks like nutella is always a tricky one, but this is a nice peachy shade that doesn't leave me looking washed out and still adds a hint of colour.

It's been such a long time since I've used an eyebrow pencil, I usually use my HD brows palette and while it's amazing it's a bit time consuming and not something that's easy to do in a hurry. I've been after something more convenient to use on days when I need to get my makeup done quickly, and so am really glad to have my hands on this. The pigment is great and the slightly waxy formula is easy to apply and leaves the brows looking matte (always good, I've come across eyebrow pencils that have left them looking shiny in the past and it waas terrifying as it sounds!) There are only two shades in the range, this one and a very dark brown- so if you sit somewhere in the middle you might have to give this one a miss. I'd say this shade is best suited to blonde or light brown hair, I'm currently at a dark blonde and it's perfect for me. Brow products for lighter hair are usually pretty difficult to come by, and so I highly recommend this if you're struggling finding something that's just right. Plus it's only £5.50, such a bargain!

Have you heard of Glo and Ray Cosmetics?

A New Blog: Beautiful Solutions Blog Design- Easy Design Tips and Tricks!

Friday, 30 January 2015

I've been working on something new: Beautiful Solutions Blog Design! Over there I'll be sharing quick and easy tips about blogging and blog design and hopefully pass on some of the knowledge I've learned over the past couple of years. I aim for everything to be easy to follow and will be publishing tutorials and advice (as well as extras like free graphics and blog design elements you can take directly from my posts) on a regular basis. If this is the sort of thing you're into I'd love for you to come on over and check it out, it's still very new but I'm adding things all the time and am happy  to take requests if you'd like simple, easy to follow tutorials explaining how to do anything!

You can find the link here. Hope you find it helpful

Lylith Travel Makeup Brush Set

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A couple of weeks ago in this post I spoke about how I'd downsized my everyday makeup brush collection, and I'm still loving how easy it's made getting ready in the morning. I haven't missed my other brushes at all since streamlining the ones I use, however one thing I did really need (and which I've never owned) is a good quality set of travel sized brushes. A set that's ready to go whenever I'm packing a bag, or brushes that are small enough to pop into the makeup bag that I keep in my handbag. And these by Lilyth have certainly filled the void, I'd never heard of Lilyth before but have been impressed by this little set!

The set comes with five travel sized brushes: a buffing brush, an angled brush, an eyeshadow pencil brush, a flat shader brush and a lip brush. All of the bristles are silky soft and feel gorgeous on the skin, and the handles feel nicely made. For me there's not enough brushes here to do a full face of makeup (I'd need a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a fluffy powder brush as well) but as I've shown in the picture there's room in the pouch to either add additional brushes or for makeup. The pouch is really nice quality with sturdy gold zips and plenty of extra space- it fits four full sized Real Techniques brushes on the other side and still easily zips up, so you could definitely put together a full brush kit if you needed any extras.

While it doesn't feel like it in the doom and gloom of a cold January, spring and summer will be here before we know it which is going to mean things like holidays, weekend breaks and daytrips. So I'm glad that I'll have a set of brushes that are ready to go, and in the mean time the buffing brush will be living in my handbag for topups on the go! I'm forever squishing longer brushes into my makeup bag (which always ends up bending and ruining the bristles) and so a good quality brush that actually fits is just what I've needed.

Have you heard of Lilyth brushes?

Benefit 'Puff Off' Instant Eye Gel

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

I don't suffer with under eye darkness or bags very often, but every now and again I'll wake up looking like I've been hit by a bus. I don't know how or why, and despite the fact I've had a restful eight hours of snooze time my face seems to say otherwise. When this happens I usually go for the old 'cold teaspoons pressed against the eyes' trick (and say a silent prayer thanking whoever invented makeup) but luckily now I have a much more glamourous way to get rid of eye puffiness. Meet Benefit's 'Puff Off' an instant eye gel developed to cool, hydrate, de-puff under the eyes and iron out fine lines and wrinkles. Pretty much everything you'd want in an eye cream rolled into one!

While a number of Benefit's cosmetic products are some of my all time favourites I've never tried any of their skincare up until this point, I don't know why as I've heard great things about their various skincare bits. In true Benefit style the name and packaging is as cute and quirky as ever, with the little iron tip not only being a bit of a novelty ('ironing' out fine lines- love it) but is also really functional too. It's the perfect shape for getting right under the eyes, and with it being metal it cools the skin on contact which helps to bring down all of that awful puffiness. The pearlescent pink gel has a brightening effect to it which makes the eye area look more luminous and awake, I guess it's almost a cosmetic/skincare hybrid. Puff Off can even be used over makeup, and so if you're the kind of person who works long hours (or finds their under eyes look dry and drab as the day wears on) this would be a little saviour product to keep in your handbag.

I can't comment on how this works on fine lines and wrinkles, but the hydrating formula should act as a great preventative measure for keeping the crinklies away. It's a fantastic eye de-puffer and the fact that it also has a luminising finish is a bonus- my first impressions are all completely positive. A very welcomed addition to my skincare routine, and should be a good one for the days when I wake up looking like I've done about ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

What do you think of Benefit's new release? Is Puff Off something you'd buy?

How To Make Your Living Room Look More Homely

Monday, 26 January 2015

You've decorated the walls, put up curtains, sorted out your light fittings and arranged all of your living room furniture. But your room still looks cold and bare? That's where home accessories come in! In order to turn a house into a home and give your rooms some personality, it's definitely the smaller things that make all the difference (even a house that's immaculately decorated can look stark and unfinished without the right accessories) If you feel as though your space is lacking in character, try adding some of these homely touches. I recently came across Cookes decorative accessories & instantly got love-struck.

Adding the right cushions and soft furnishings to your seating area can add so much to a room, and make it look so much more cosy. It's the perfect excuse to bring in colour and texture, and can be used to tie in your sofa with the rest of your decor. For example we have a brown leather sofa that looks a bit bland on its own, but just by adding a soft throw blanket over the back and two cream cushions to each end it completely transforms it, and makes it tie in with the rest of my living room which is all quite light and bright.

For me a rug is one of the most important home decor pieces, and even if you're not bothered about smaller accessories or hanging things on the walls its well worth investing in a rug. They bring together large spaces which will automatically make it look warmer and more homely. I like plain shaggy rugs the best and have them in just about every room (aside from the kitchen and bathroom...that would be weird). If your room looks a bit cold and bare try adding a rug you'd be amazed at the difference.

Adding some greenery to a room is an obvious one, not only do they look nice but having plants in a room is even said to boost mood and happiness. I have small plants dotted about all throughout the house but recently invested in a bigger 'Yucca' type tree plant, and as soon as I put it down I knew it was the exact thing the room had been lacking. Now I just have to remember to water it and keep it alive!

As with real plants they look pretty but require no maintenance whatsoever- bonus. Ready made arrangements in vases can be expensive and limit your options, if you can't quite find what you're looking for simply buy the vase and artificial flower stems separately. Not only do you have much more control over how the finished thing looks, but can change up the flowers to suit the season if you felt like it.

Even if everything else in the room is perfect, with bare walls it's probably not going to look completely finished. I'm not a fan of cluttered walls and having too many things up and go for a select few things in each room instead: a statement mirror, a clock, a canvas print and a couple of framed photos.

Finally it's adding the smaller decorative pieces that can make a house feel like your home. Candles, candle holders, decorative ornaments and things you've picked out that reflect your taste and personality. When you first move out it's things like this that take time to build up, and is likely to eventually be a mixture of things you've picked up from a variety of places.

How do you make your house look more homely?
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