Repairing My Hair With Kerastase (+Giveaway!)

Monday, 3 August 2015

Summertime is amazing, but hair turning into something that closely resembles hay is a real possibility. Between the sun, air conditioning and things like swimming our locks tend to take a huge hit at this time of year and so it's important to have effective products on hand. I often use inexpensive deep conditioning masks which work ok to keep a certain level of hydration in my hair, but summer is the time to pull out the big guns. Products that you know will give your hair a huge boost of moisture, leaving it feeling silky soft and help to protect or reverse the drying effects. Having hair that is  bleached as well as dyed blonde and already fine and fragile- I find having good haircare is essential. I've been trialling two products from Kerastase who are a high end haircare and salon brand, here's what I thought!

Kerastase Therapiste Bain (Shampoo)
This is by far the thickest and richest shampoo I've ever used, the consistency is a lot like a very thick conditioner. At first it seems like you'll need a lot of it to cover the hair because it doesn't feel as though it will go very far, but as soon as you start washing your hair the magic starts to happen and it creates an amazing lather which feels really luxurious. This is a far cry from regular old highstreet shampoo, everything about it feels gorgeously high end from the texture to the salon style scent. As you can imagine, such a rich shampoo does wonders for the hair and leaves it clean, smooth and sleek; it's designed for very damaged and over processed hair so is perfect for this time of year. This would be ideal to use either on holiday or after you've come home to repair some of the damage, or after bleaching or colouring your hair.

Kerastase Masque Therapiste (Deep Conditioner)
 The mask is on another level to anything I've used in a long time, as with the shampoo its thick and rich and is the type of product you know is going to make a huge difference even as you're applying it. It's ideal to be used along with the shampoo if your hair is in a bit of a bad way, as it's a repairing mask designed for very damaged and over processed hair. The packaging states that this is for thick hair, mine most definitely isn't thick but it still works perfectly leaving it highly moisturised without leaving it looking limp or weighed down. Simply leave it on for ten minutes to allow all of the amazing ingredients to work their magic: gluco peptide to enhance the resilliance of the hair fibres, amino acids which attach themselves to hair to compensate for loss of mass and 'ressurection sap' to preserve the structure of the hair fibre. 

If you like the sound of these, Gooseberry (a salon and online haircare store) are giving you the chance to win your own set! These are incredible products and absolutely perfect for rejuvinating dry summer hair. For a chance to win enter below. Good Luck!

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What are Top, Heart and Base Notes in Perfume?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

If you've ever read the description of a perfume, you'll know that fragrance related jargon can be pretty tough to crack. Not only have you got to scour through weird and wonderful sounding notes that are impossible to guess the scent of, but in order to get an idea of what the overall perfume smells like you need to understand how the notes work together too. Top notes, heart notes and base notes refer to groups of scents which you can smell after a certain amounts of time, and explains why perfume can smell completely different an hour or two after spraying it on. Here's my very simple guide for how they work- hopefully it gives you a better understanding for when you make your next perfume purchase!

Top Notes:
Also known as 'head notes' or 'opening notes' these are the initial notes you smell when you first spray the perfume; the molecules are small and light and evaporate quickly. They tend to be made up of light, fresh and uplifting scents and are generally the less expensive ingredients (which makes sense, you don't want to pay a fortune for an expensive perfume when the smell of the expensive ingredients can only be detected for the first few minutes!) Their scent usually last for between five and thirty minutes; while they don't linger on the skin for a very long period of time it's these notes which you immediately smell when trying a new perfume making them an important selling point. It's always worth waiting for the full time for a perfume to develop before deciding whether or not you want to buy it- but if you can't at least wait for the top notes to evaporate, as the main bulk of the 'wear time' in the perfume is in the heart and base notes.

Heart Notes
Heart notes (also known as 'middle notes') make up the core or main body of the perfume and are what you're able to smell after the initial dry down; they take between ten minutes and half and hour to fully develop. Because the heart notes tend to be more mellow they're not always detectable on first spray, which explains how you can initially love/hate a perfume but completely change your mind about it once the fragrance develops. Base notes in perfume can be quite strong, raw and unpleasant but get more pleasant over time, and so the middle notes help to mask this initial scent and provide a transition into the final stages of the fragrance.

Base Notes
Base notes or 'bottom notes' bring depth to a perfume, and can be detected when the light top notes have completely evaporated. It's the middle and base notes that depict the main 'theme' of a fragrance, they work together harmoniously to create the overall scent of the perfume. Base notes consist of large and heavy molecules that evaporate slowly, they're typically rich scents and contain the the most expensive ingredients and perfume oils. These last for the longest amount of time on the skin and help slow down the evaporation rates of the lighter notes, which gives the perfume its staying power.

Do you know much about the different notes in perfume?

Summer Fashion Wishlist

Saturday, 18 July 2015

At the beginning of the year I vowed that this summer was going to be a good one, and so far it's a promise I've managed to keep! As well as working my way through a huge summer bucket list of things to do and places to visit, over the past couple of weeks me and my boyfriend have also been completely remodelling our back garden. As you can probably imagine it's kept me really busy and because of the time and expense it's been quite a while since I've been shopping for myself. With summer in full swing I'm well overdue some new bits and pieces, here are a few things I currently have my eye on!

I'm a massive fan of the kimono trend and hope it's here to stay, they're just the perfect light summer cover up when it's too warm to wear a cardigan or jacket. I'm not usually one for prints and tend to prefer plainer pieces (I know, I'm boring!) but I really do like the look of this one. It's a light, silky material which looks gorgeous worn with denim shorts like they've styled it but I think could easily be worn into the autumn too.

For years now I've been a fan of huge bulky handbags, but a few months ago I bought a little cross body bag from New Look and it's converted me. I've got SO much use from it, while it's small it holds everything I need without weighing a tonne and leaves my hands and arms free. After using it so much it's starting to wear out now and so I've been on the lookout for higher end replacements, and the Mulberry Lily caught my eye. A gorgeous design and great size, the only (huge) downside is the £650 price tag. However I came across Rebelle, an online store selling designer brands including Mulberry second hand. You usually have to be careful buying second hand designer items, but this store specialises in them and has a 'zero tolerance for fakes' policy with everything they sell being checked for authenticity. Great if you have an eye for a designer product without a huge budget! 

I've never actually owned a pair of expensive sunglasses, I usually just buy a £10 pair from the highstreet every year which are lost or broken by September. I've had Chanel sunglasses on my wishlists forever now, I can't see it being a possibility this year but one of these days I'm definitely going to save up and invest! When it's grey and pouring with rain for the majority of the year they're not exactly an essential, but something I'd love to own. 

I end up buying inexpensive summery sandals from places like Primark every year, and they always get approximately three weeks of use before they're either completely ruined or the nice weather disappears. And so this year I had it in mind to buy better quality and go with styles that I'd be able to get more use out of. While these are still quite open and summery they're a bit more substantial than the strappy pieces of material I normally buy, and so will hopefully last the summer and evern be able to be worn again when the weather is nice next year.

Etsy is my favourite place to scour for rose gold finds, I love discovering unique pieces and the colour is perfect for the summer. I'd say it's perfect with a tan but not like I have that luxury, then again I do tend to spend most sunny days hiding in the shade and then wondering why I'm still as pale as a ghost. I'm obsessed with this 'slave bracelet' which has a ring and bracelet connected by a chain, very boho and festival-y. I'm in need of all new accessories really, most of mine were bought a couple of years ago now and my style has changed quite a bit since then.

Whats on your summer wishlist?

NOTD: Summer Gold

Models Own Tropical Sun / Chit Chat: Gold

Orange and gold are two colours I don't embrace all that often, I have to admit soft pastels are much more my thing than brights and neons. But when the sun is shining why not go for something a bit sunny on the nails too, eh? This shade by Model's Own has to be the prettiest orange nail polish I've ever seen, it's not a vibrant or harsh orange and is instead kind of peachy with beautiful gold sheen to it. And with a name like Tropical Sun it's just the thing for a summers day- I might not be soaking up any tropical sun right now but the weather here is pretty amazing lately so I can't complain!

I love how the gold shimmer gives a duochrome finish, not that it needs the extra sparkle but I decided to go with a gold glitter top coat anyway (as far as I'm concerned excessive glitter can never be a bad thing when it comes to nails). The chunky pieces in the gold glitter polish give the nails an almost polka dot appearance, I picked up this beauty by Chit Chat from Poundland and believe it or not it's really good! I have a few of their different glitter shades and love them all, definitely worth a look if you're in the market for a sparkly top coat. The Model's Own polish is almost opaque in one coat although I gave it a second for good measure, and a thin layer of the gold sparkle was all that was needed for a good amount of glittery bits. Tropical Sun is from Model's Own Beetlejuice collection, it's an old one now but there are loads of beautiful shades that are a bit more special than your average glitter polish. This combo might be a bit different to my usual pastel nail choices but I like it a lot, especially for sunny days like today.

What do you have on your nails today?

Iconic Lights Ceramic Dove Lamp Review

Monday, 13 July 2015

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the importance of lighting in your home, and it's something I've been aiming to get just right. Being a sucker for a cosy atmosphere in the evenings, I find it's things like lamps and candles that make all the difference. After discovering Iconic Lights, a lighting store selling stylish yet affordable lighting designs my search for the perfect lighting has become so much easier. They sell everything from floor and table lamps to ceiling lights, sconces and outdoor lighting, basically a one stop shop for all of the lighting you could ever need for your home and garden! Their ceramic dove lamp has been a fantastic new addition to my bedroom, and is exactly what I've been after to create a nice ambiance with the lighting.

I already have large lamps either side of the bed in my room, they're quite bright and so are handy for when I'm getting ready for bed in the evening because I can easily see to do my hair and skincare routine at my dressing table. But they're not the best for when I've actually come to bed, if I'm reading a book or messing around on my phone they're too bright and tend to keep me awake. For a while I've been looking for something that gives a softer glow, and so was really excited to discover this pretty frosted glass bird lamp; it's brighter than a 'night light' but not so bright that it's blinding me when I'm tired before bed. If I wake up in the night needing a drink, or because I've been dreaming that Walking Dead zombies are trying to climb through my window (true story) it's much better having a dimmer light to put on while I gain some composure, rather than switching a great big lamp or putting the main light on. I love the simple yet pretty style of the dove, and the fact that it doesn't look like a traditional lamp is great for me too- as two different lamps on my bedside table could have potentially looked a bit weird! In the daytime this looks like more of an ornament, so is fine pairing it up with other types of lighting. The on/off switch is along the cord, which not only makes it easy to turn on and off but it keeps the bird design looking sleek too as there are no fussy buttons on it.

If you're a fan of girly, shabby chic style pieces you're bound to love this as much as me. Because it's not too big, it's ideal for lighting up any dark corner of your home in a place where a traditional style lamp wouldn't fit. The soft light it gives off would make it a great choice for watching tv in the living room in the evenings, or for using as an additional bedside light like I have. All in all, a beautiful and versatile little lamp at an amazing price.

Have you ever shopped at Iconic Lights? 

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