Monday, 22 September 2014

#MCM With New Look

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#MCM (or 'Man Crush Monday' if you've been living under a rock/ don't use social media) is a day to celebrate the good looking males of the world. My ultimate man crush has got to be Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) in Prison Break; he's got the smouldering eyes, he's got the tattoos and my god he's got the brains. If you've seen the show you'll know what I mean when I say he's got a whole 'air of mystery' going on, and it doesn't hurt that his face looks like that. Unfortunately Wentworth has changed a bit since his role in Prison Break- but at least we can take comfort in the fact that the character of Michael Scofield (and his sizzling good looks) will live on every time we re-watch the box set. New Look has challenged me to style my man crush using items from their new autumn/winter menswear section, and while he's just about the only man in existence to look good in a prison jumpsuit I thought I'd give it a go. Here's what I picked!

I've gone with a fairly smart look- this is definitely my preference when it comes to mens fashion! I'm not a fan of anything either too baggy or too tight (skinny jeans on men do very little for me) and so I'm all about pieces that are nicely fitted. While this outfit looks quite dark and black, the trousers and parka are actually both navy blue- this is a colour I'm obsessed with at the moment and it's definitely a nice choice for autumn/winter. It's still quite dark and conservative, and while it's not quite as versatile as black it tends to go with most things so it's easy to mix and match with other pieces. I really do like New Look menswear, as with their womenswear the quality is always really good and they're also good for inexpensive basics and staple items. Edit: I showed my boyfriend this post to see what he thought of my man crush, and he liked the navy parka I chose so much that he ordered it for himself!

Who's your #MCM this Monday?
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Friday, 19 September 2014

China Glaze All Aboard Collection for Autumn 2014, oooh have you ever seen a more beautiful url? And it's exactly what it says on the tin too, if you're a nail polish lover be prepared to swoon. With a huge variety of shades and brands it's quite franky like a dream come true in my book, and I've spent more time than I should probably admit over the last few days browsing through (and creating a monster wishlist of autumn nail colours!) If you're up to date with your nail polish collections then you might have already spotted this new one by China Glaze for autumn 2014. Here are my two favourite shades from the six in the 'All Aboard' range.

 Conduct Yourself
Well, what an absolutely gorgeous polish this is- if there's a more perfect shade for autumn time then I'm yet to find it. A deep burgundy/ berry hue with a very fine shimmer running through it, you can bet that I'm going to have this on pretty much non stop over the next few months. I really do love berry tones like this, they're flattering on both pale and dark skin alike and make a statement without going down the classic red route. I didn't find wear time to be particularly impressive (by the end of the second day I had noticeable tip wear) although I think it's to be expected with darker shades like this, as you do usually have to repaint them more often.

Loco Motive
Again, such a pretty polish for the autumn. This is actually quite a unique glitter mix and a bit different from anything else I own- along with the larger hexaganal copper pieces is a mixture of what appears to be purple/ navy blue micro shimmer. The effect on the nail is just stunning, while I'd definitely use this as a top coat (rather than try to build up layers of glitter) it really adds something special to both dark and light base polishes. I've been using it on the accent nail over Conduct Yourself and I don't think you can get a more perfect autumn manicure- I'm obsessed!

I'm really glad to have found a site that stocks such an amazing range of polishes, especially brands that are harder to find in the UK like China Glaze, OPI and Sally Hansen. They've also thrown in free first class shipping into the mix which is always a huge bonus. This is 100% a site I'll be adding to my beauty bookmarks, and definitely my first port of call for any future nail polish binges! You can find on Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram.

What new nail polish collections do you have your eye on this autumn?

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A New £1 Shower Gel Range from Nspa: Dolly's Mixtures

Dolly's Mixtures shower gel*: Bubble Gum and Strawberry Daiquiri- £1 each from Asda

I've mentioned before on this blog how much I like shower gel, I know it's a product that most people find boring or bog standard but I love trying out new ones! It's probably a mixture of the fact that I'm addicted to gorgeous scents and that I loooove baths, but I get a bit excited when it comes to body wash type products; I always spend time opening various bottles in shops and giving them sniff before deciding on one. Over the last couple of weeks I've been testing out two scents from a new range called 'Dolly's Mixtures' and I'm well and truly hooked, everything about them is so nice. Cute packaging, inexpensive and a selection of fun scents that are a bit different to what you'd normally find on the shelves. I'll take them all please!

The two scents I've been rotating between are 'Bubble Gum' and 'Strawberry Daiquiri', and I kid you not they both smell exactly like the label suggests. They've totally nailed that recognisable bubble gum smell that takes you right back to childhood, and Strawberry Daiquiri is exactly like the sweet smelling cocktail. Who wouldn't want to bath in that? It sounds like heaven to me. Both are incredibly strong smelling which I really love and the quality is great, they foam up nicely and so you're not having to squeeze half the bottle out to get clean. While I was using these I kept thinking they reminded me a lot of Nspa products, it turns out that they're actually made by Nspa which would explain it wouldn't it! Other scents in the range include: Pina Colada, Bucks Fizz, Lime Mojito, Vanilla Cupcake, Lemon Bon Bon, Rhubarb and Custard, Red Velvet Cupcake and Candy Floss. Seriously, there's not one scent there that I wouldn't want to try I think they sound amazing. They're only £1 each so will definitely be picking up some of the others.

Dare I mention Christmas in September, but I think these would be perfect stocking fillers- especially if the person's favourite scent or cocktail is included in the range. And so if you're super organised and already starting to put lists together, these are well worth bearing in mind! I love how these look stood in my bathroom, the Benefit/ Soap and Glory style packaging is really pretty and they're just lovely little additions to any bathroom.

Have you spotted these in your local Asda yet?
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Adapting an Outfit: How to Change Up Your Look From Daytime to Evening

As nice as it would be to be able to spend hours getting ready for every occasion, well... sometimes it's just not possible. Whether it's meeting friends for drinks straight after work, or heading out for a meal after spending the day shopping- sometimes you've just gotta make it work. If you know you're going to have a day like this and getting home to completely change isn't going to be possible, then it makes sense to be a bit clever with your clothing choices. Fashion World (known for their ‘Clever Clothing’) have picked up on these daily outfit stresses, and put together this handy guide to help people transform an outfit for some common scenarios. One scenario was going straight from work to a dinner date, and I have to admit this is a bit of a tricky one. Transforming a smart/ conservative work wear outfit into something casual yet dressy can have you wondering where to start! Here's Fashion World's take on it:

Stylist Zoe Pennick says: 
To create this look you need to think about layers. Underneath the cardigan for work we hid a statement t-shirt. This was practical for working and once on full display with this stunning skirt created that fun, flirty look for date night! Best of all no one at the office is any wiser!

I think the easiest way to do this is by starting with a plain 'staple' piece: a skirt, pair of trousers or dress. They're all work appropriate items that can easily be dressed up or down, and look completely different depending on the other things you have on. Fashion World's guide states you should always keep one clothing item the same and have that as your statement piece, and so something that's versatile and can be worn in lots of different ways is going to be your best bet. I've had a go at creating my own 'day to evening' look below using a plain black skirt and white vest top as my starting point.

For my daytime work wear look, I've put black skirt and white vest combo with a chiffon long sleeve blouse which is very office appropriate. Some black tights, flats and natural makeup give it a professional/ conservative look. For the evening you could simply take off the blouse and tights and dress up the cute monochrome outfit with some heels and accessories. Easy! Of course amping up your makeup and sprucing up your hair with a bit of dry shampoo will immediately make you look a bit more dressy too. A tip from Fashion World's guide is to keep a clutch bag inside your regular bag which I think is such a good idea!

How would you change up an outfit for the evening?
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*collaboration with Fashion World

Friday, 12 September 2014

Model's Own Diamond Luxe Nail Polishes- Containing Real Diamond Dust!

Model's Own Diamond Luxe nail polishes: £4.99 each* | available from Superdrug 24th September

Nail polish containing diamond dust? Model's Own, you do know how to make a girl happy- I don't think you can get more luxurious than that! Ten stunning new shades all containing real diamond dust will be hitting Model's Own stands later this month and I couldn't be more excited, the lineup of colours is absolutely gorgeous with something suitable for all year round.

The polishes are housed within Model's Own's cute round packaging that we all know and love, but feature a brand new shiny gold lid. They have a very fine sparkle running through (which makes sense, I think having big chunky diamond particles in would bump up the price a bit!) Model's Own describes them as 'grown up glam' which I completely agree with, as much as I love an OTT glittery polish they can definitely look a bit tacky- these are much more subtle. I did find the application to be slightly trickier than standard nail polish as the formula is quite thick, I applied two coats as thinly as possible (making sure it was completely dry between coats) which gave a nice smooth finish. They're very fast drying and hardwearing too, I've had three full days of wear from my current manicure and have no noticable chips yet.

You might expect a nail polish containing real diamond dust to be ridiculously expensive, but you'll be pleased to know these cost the same £4.99 as all Model's Own nail polishes which is just amazing! I think this is a really fun and novel idea, they really do make you feel glam and it's something a bit different than anything else I've ever heard of.

Which shades do you have your eye on from this collection?
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