Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Giving Dry Hair a Boost With Touch of Silver Intensive Treatment Shots

Earlier in the week I noticed that my hair needed a bit of a pick-me-up; it felt dry, looked dull and overall just wasn't at it's best. I'm not sure if it was a result of too much sunshine over the summer or if I've just become a bit lax with my haircare routine lately, but this weekend a moisture boost was definitely on the cards. And these little treatment shots have been just the thing for the job, despite Touch of Silver generally being aimed towards blondes (their famous purple toning products are staples whenever my colour starts looking brassy) these shots contain no colour altering pigments and so can be used by anyone. And even if you're not blonde I highly recommend giving these a go, these little powerhouses provide such a massive amount of hydration anyone with dry or damaged hair will massively benefit.

Each shot contains just 12ml of product, if you're skeptical about what this tiny amount can do I don't blame you because I was too. But trust me, this small amount is all you need to feel a huge difference. After washing, you pour a shot into your hands and apply to the hair, which creates a very light lather which allows it to easily cover your entire head. After a few minutes simply rinse it out, I could even feel how much smoother my hair was a this stage but after blowdrying I couldn't believe the difference it had made. My hair went from dry and drab to soft and shiny within one wash, while I've experienced this with very high end products it's rare for me to find something on the highstreet that performs as well after just one use. Not only does it look better but I can feel the difference it's made too- it's the exact boost that my hair needed.

You get three of the shots in a pack that can be used either weekly or just whenever you feel like your hair needs it. They're so handy to have in your stash, they're tiny so take up hardly any room and ideal to have on hand if you need to improve the look of your hair in a short amount of time. These are definitely something I'll continue to repurchase, at under £5 they're cheaper than most highstreet masques (and work a lot better than most of them too!)

Do you have any tips for improving dry hair?

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Esqido Lashlorette Lashes and Companion Lash Glue Review

False lashes are definitely a beauty essential in my book, I can't imagine getting ready for a special occasion or night out without them. I spent years looking for a mascara that would make my lashes look at least similar to the look they give with no luck whatsoever- you might get length and volume piling it on but you quickly lose that really pretty and fluttery look that false lashes give. Over the past year Esqido have been my brand of choice and I've had no reason to deviate from them, they're by far the best quality lashes out there and are just a cut above anything else I've ever tried. With their thin and flexible cotton band they're comfortable to wear and the lashes themselves look so realistic (they use mink hair that's naturally shed from the animal meaning they're also cruelty free). Top that off with the fact that each pair can be re-worn up to twenty five times, why would I choose anything else?!

This time around I've been testing out their 'Lashlorette' style which has a beautiful criss-cross design at the base of the lashes, giving a really nice natural look on the eye. They're the perfect length that mean they're not overly dramatic but don't look 'lost' on the eye either, just a nice balance that looks great for both daytime and evening. They give you the fluttery false lash effect without looking fake, and overall just make your eyes look a million times better than the best mascara ever could.

What's even better is that now Esqido have their own brand of eyelash glue too. I have to admit, the glue I've used previously is not very conventional. For years I've used the glue used to stick in hair extensions; luckily for my poor hair I stopped gluing my extension wefts in years ago, but continued to use the glue for my lashes as it comes in a huge tube so lasts ages and works pretty well. The only downside is it can leave a bit of a gummy residue on the lashes once they're removed, and so I've been long overdue to switch to something else. And I couldn't be happier with Companion, first of all just look at the gorgeous packaging; the stunning rose gold lid ties in with the inserts in the lash boxes. It comes in a sleek glass tube and has a fine tip which makes applying just the right amount so easy (another thing I struggled with, with my previous glue!) And best of all it works perfectly, one of the reasons I was reluctant to change is because when I first started wearing lashes so many of the glues I tried were useless. I've had ones that either didn't stick, that stuck like superglue and ruined my lashes or formulas that would make my eyes water like crazy. This does neither of those things, and I can't fault it in the slightest. While the lashes could be considered as a bit of a luxury purchase, the glue is only $10 (around £6.50) so an incredibly good price.

What are your favourite style of Esqido lashes?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

As much as makeup and good skincare can dramatically improve your look, for me a good hair day is always a good day. And if there's one product that guarantees a huge confidence boost, it's a set of new hair extensions. There are three main things I look for when it comes to extensions: sturdy clips, thickness and softness- and this set from Irresistible Me passes on all three with flying colours. The clips snap shut tightly so they don't slide out or stick up, there's no roughness to the hair and they taper naturally at the ends without looking thin or ratty. They're just about as close to perfect as I've ever experienced, and seeing as I've been buying hair extensions for ten years now I think that's pretty good going!

Along with being fantastic quality, these are also the most beautifully packaged extensions I've ever seen. Even expensive extensions I've had in the past have come in the usual plastic sleeve, which is fine but this was such a treat to open and gives them a real air of luxury. Inside the box your extensions are inside a security sealed plastic wallet with the hair itself inside a net which prevents it from tangling. I'm so impressed at how well thought out the packaging is, and how it ensures that your hair reaches you in perfect condition. Colour wise I went for the ash blonde shade, I've kept my hair around this colour for most of this year now and I have to say I really like it and find it a flattering colour for me. In the past I always had my hair at one extreme or the other- usually platinum blonde but occasionally black or very dark brown, it's only been more recently that I've been enjoying mid coloured shades. If you prefer lighter hair but are struggling with maintenance I highly recommend this ash blonde colour, it looks very natural and means you're able to stay light without as much upkeep or damage. The extensions have a gorgeous multi tonal effect which not only makes the colour look more natural but also helps the shade to blend seamlessly into your own hair too. I have the 20 inch length which is my favourite length for extensions, it's a bit longer than my natural hair so I love the added length plus even once you curl it it still looks long (for reference, I'm around 5'6 and these come to waist length on me). One of the things I love about this set is the sheer amount of hair you get, I'm a huge fan of the triple wefted mesh piece which gives you loads of extra thickness without having to clip in masses of clips! 

At 189 dollars for the 20 inch set (around £120) these are definitely not a budget choice, however when it comes to hair extensions more often than not you get what you pay for and so it's worth spending the extra to ensure quality. Not only do they look and feel nicer but last for longer too, I can tell that this set is going to last me for a really long time. The hair itself is so incredibly soft and silky and the clips snap shut so tightly that there's no looseness or slip whatsoever- they're just perfect. They're easily the best extensions I've ever tried and highly recommend Irresistible Me if you're looking for a new set.

Have you ever bought extensions from Irresistible Me?

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Must-Have Accessories For AW15

The accessory market this season is just overflowing with gorgeous pieces and fun ideas, meaning that once again (for yours truly at least) shopping for autumn and winter accessories will actually be more enjoyable than updating clothing collections. I've been browsing for ideas everywhere from designer collections to fashion blogs and magazines. Here are some I wanted to point out as must-haves for the seasons ahead.

Bucket Bags (Instead Of Handbags)
As much as I love a good handbag, every now and then I do find myself wishing I could have something that held a little bit more without sacrificing style. Luckily for me, 2015's trends have answered my prayers. The bucket bag, a brilliant hybrid between purse and backpack, is everywhere heading into the autumn, showing up in a variety of colours, materials, and particular styles. A recent editorial at Bustle identified this as a '90s throwback trend (which I had to think about for a minute), but it read my mind regarding why it's so much fun: "the bucket bag provides us with convenience and chicness."

Flower Drop Earrings
This idea is a little more specific than the massive trend toward bucket bags, but it's one I noticed on Lyst's jewellery section and absolutely loved. They're really beautiful pieces; drop earrings with delicate yet playful floral ornaments weighing down the ends. I also love the fact that they give the perfect touch of colour to an autumn or winter outfit. I'm quite guilty of opting for all black everything with my outfits and so being able to inject some colour and lightness with accessories is always a good thing. Whether it's with a scarf, statement necklace or a pair of earrings like this.

Lace-Up Heels
The Blonde Salad's recent post likened this trend to a 'cold weather version of the gladiator sandals' that were so popular this past spring and summer, which I thought was really fitting. Sexy while still being sophisticated, they're the perfect accompaniment to any evening outfit over the autumn and winter. 

Berets are part of a greater movement toward decidedly Parisian looks that we're seeing this year, they've been Highlighted by Fashionista as one of the biggest accessory trends of the season. I'll be the first to admit that a beret is kind of difficult to embrace if you're not used to wearing one, although they're a practical and stylish alternative to the woolly hats and the like that many of us will reaching for to fend off the cold later in the year! The beret idea is one I'm excited to try out when the time comes in another few months.

These four concepts only comprise a small portion of the high volume of accessory trends making the rounds this season. However, they're four of the most unique and exciting ones to get into, and I for one will be exploring them thoroughly in the months to come!

Which of the season's accessories are you most eager to look into?

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Five Brilliant Experience Days in the UK

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There's no doubt that the UK is a great place to visit if you want to experience some fabulous days out. There's a wide range of attractions, and the UK's heritage means you can enjoy anything from interactive museums, to exciting adventure days to visiting sets and locations of iconic TV and movie series. Now that our summer holidays are done and dusted you might be wondering what to do now- here are five ideas for places to visit.

Game of Thrones Tours
The highly successful HBO fantasy series has been filmed in many locations in Northern Ireland. You can explore the magnificent Antrim coast as you are shown where some of the show's iconic scenes were set, and go behind the scenes for inside gossip – you can find out more about the actors and also take a trip to the dramatic UNESCO-listed Giant's Causeway. It's not a part of the show but you shouldn't miss it. 

Harry Potter World
We all love the boy wizard and his exploits at Hogwarts. The Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour needs to be on your trip list if you watch Harry Potter and are a fan. Just to the north of London, you can explore how the magical world of the movies was created, see some of the stunning sets, and get a sense of the technical expertise and craftsmanship of those who worked on the productions. You could also take a tour of the London sights so often seen in these movies, such as Big Ben, Westminster, and the London Eye, and also go to King's Cross Station where Platform 9 ¾ is situated. 

London Dungeon 
Right by the London Eye on the south bank of the River Thames, this new site for the London Dungeon offers a bold, scary yet funny take on London's often murky past. It's a journey of thrills, special effects, scares, characters, storytelling, and jokes, taking you through the history and legends of one of the world's greatest cities. As one of the UK's major attractions, the London Dungeon offers a fascinating range of experiences as you walk through and see show after show, guided by professional actors. 

Alton Towers
Boasting a theme park with tonnes of white knuckle rides, a waterpark, a spa as well as a hotel resort with themed rooms- there's plenty to do for young and old. Whether it's for a daytrip at the theme park or a few days break to experience everything it has to offer, Alton Towers should definitely be on your list of places to visit. Don't feel as though a theme park is only a summer activity, they have special events for things like Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas too. 

 Bungee Catapult Ride
Are you fed up with playing it safe? If you want an adrenaline fuelled experience, then the Bungee Catapult in Windsor/Bray is something worth trying. If you've never felt inclined to throw yourself off a high crane or bridge in the classic bungee jump, then this may be more suitable as you start on the ground. You're catapulted to a height of 100ft wearing a safety harness and your bungee cord, and you plummet back towards the ground, bouncing back up and down until you're done. You could, of course, do ordinary bungee jumping as well! These are just a taste of the incredible experience days you can have in the UK. Explore the options, test some out, and then go and have a whole lot of fun!

Have you visited any of these places?
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