Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Would You Rather Tag: Beauty Edition

Urghh the post-easter slump is officially here. I hope you're all surviving through today, and not feeling depressed after too much easter egg gorging over the bank holiday! As my birthday was on Good Friday this year, it's fair to say that the weekend was definitely not a healthy one for me. But now all of the birthday cake, easter eggs (and various other junk food) has been consumed it's back to reality. I thought I'd kick off this rather grey looking Tuesday with a tag post- I don't do these all that often, but I saw this one on Tania's blog and thought I'd give it a go.

Would you rather: Be able to apply eyeliner perfectly or contour like Kim Kardashian?
Definitely contour like Kim K. I'd say eyeliner is one of the few makeup skills I've pretty much mastered- I've been wearing it since the age of fourteen so have had plenty of practice. So yeah, contouring!

Would you rather: Wear foundation that is two shades lighter, or two shades darker?
Two shades lighter. Blush and bronzer could fix that pale face up in a jiffy, whereas two shades darker is just going to look like an orange mask. Although finding foundation two shades lighter than my corpse like skin would be an achievement within itself, I think it would literally be white face paint.

Would you rather: Wear no lipstick ever again, or no eyeliner ever again?
Wear no lipstick, as much as I love lipstick I can happily skip it without feeling bare faced and exposed. On the other hand I look terrible without eyeliner, so easy choice there.

Would you rather: Give up your foundation or your mascara?
That's a tough one, seriously lets hope I never have to make this decision because I've just spent five minutes pondering over it just for the sake of this question. If I give up foundation am I still allowed powder and concealer? If yes then I'd give up foundation. However if no 'base' type products were allowed at all then I'd have to give up mascara. I definitely wouldn't be happy about it either way!

Would you rather: Wear the same makeup every day for the rest of your life, or drastically change it every single day for the rest of your life - even if it doesn't suit you?
Id rather have it the same every day. I get in nice little ruts with makeup and keep it the same for months on end anyway- aside from switching up my lip colour or smokey eye colours now and again. 

Would you rather: Have dodgy brows or patchy fake tan?
I'd rather have patchy fake tan- I'd cover up with sleeves and try and even my face out with makeup and maybe it wouldn't look so bad. Mess up those brows and everyone is going to know about it unless you cut in an impromptu fringe!

Would you rather: Have perfect white teeth, or have your perfect hairstyle?
Perfect white teeth, without a doubt. I've always been fairly happy with my teeth as they're white and straight, whereas I've never really been happy with my hair. I've bodged it up beyond belief many times  in the past so I'm probably used to that by now! While messing up your hair is a nightmare, at least it grows back eventually.

Would you rather: Wear the same colour nail varnish your whole life, or be able change the colour whenever you wish but it's always a bit smudged?
How badly is it smudged? I need to know the full information before I commit to such decisions haha. If I was going to have one colour for the rest of my life I'd go with something muted like pastel pink or lilac and could probably live with that quite happily.

Would you rather: Have your perfumes smell amazing to you (but to everyone else smell like a pine tree car freshener) or have products that smell average to you (but smell incredible to those around you?)
I'd have to go with products that smell amazing to me. Smelling like a pine air freshner isn't so bad is it? If I smelled like dog poo to everyone else then I'd definitely want to reconsider, but I could live with people thinking I smelled like a pine air freshner for sure. I actually think they smell kind of nice!

I tag everyone to do this, if you give it a go please leave me the link below as I'd love to read your answers!

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Evidence Perfume by Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher Evidence perfume: £21* for 50ml: available here

Top notes: bergamot, violet leaves
Heart notes: rose, jasmine, wild lily of the valley
Base notes: patchouli

Yves Rocher is a fairly new brand to me, it's always been a 'watch from afar' kind of situation as I always assumed they were kind of expensive and out of my price range (must be the fancy sounding French name- French makes everything sound expensive and swoon worthy!) But after reviewing a lipstick and mascara from the brand a couple of weeks ago I had a good look through their website and was pleasantly surprised by how reasonable everything was, it's not a budget brand by any means but the prices are certainly not sky high either. My latest little Yves Rocher love affair is with this gorgeous looking perfume called 'Evidence.' It comes in a stunning pink ombre bottle and the simple design looks really chic and elegant- even the outer cardboard packaging is pretty! But it's what's inside that really counts, so what does it smell like?

Evidence is a floral perfume, but if that's not really your thing then fear not. For a long time, perfume described as 'floral' scared the bejezus out out me and I had visions of smelling like an old grandma, but floral perfumes don't have to be scary and this one definitely isn't. It's not heavy or flowery, and is instead light and really clean smelling. I hate to use the term 'soapy' as I don't think it does it much justice, but in a nice way the scent does kind of remind me of a posh soap- clean and slightly floral. It's very inoffensive, feminine and a perfect one for everyday wear. It lasts well, but isn't a powerful scent and so there's no worry of causing headaches to those within a five metre radius.

My uneducated nostrils can't distinguish any of the specific components of this perfume (my knowledge of flowers in general is erm... limited to say the least) but as you can probably see from the minimal notes it's a simple fragrance. There are no fruits or foodie notes in here, and so it is what it is- a beautiful clean and uncomplicated scent. If you find yourself a bit overwhelmed by perfumes that have a lot going on, then this one would be a good choice. It's a nice 'everyday' daytime choice, it's not too young or too mature smelling and instead is a scent that could easily be worn at all ages. I can see myself getting plenty of this over the spring and summer, and am glad to have such a pretty and easy to wear perfume in my collection.

Have you ever tried anything from Yves Rocher?

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Spring NOTD: Sparkly Mint

Revlon Minted: £1.25 from Fragrance Direct/ Barry M Hologram Hexagrams: (discontinued)

The sun is shining, it's lovely and spring-y outside and despite being woken up by a load of construction work this morning nearby to my house, it's fair to say I'm in a bloody good mood. It doesn't even need to be particularly warm, but as soon as that sun shows his face I swear I'm like a different person- my motivation levels go through the roof!

What better way to embrace the spring spirit than by busting out your favourite mint polish, in my case it's Minted by Revlon. Like every beauty blogger worth their weight in nail polish, I'm pretty much obsessed with pastel nails at this time of year (pastel colours are my favourites in general actually, they're just way prettier than neons and darks!) I've gone with Barry M's Hologram Hexagrams on the accent nail, although after searching for a link to add to this post it seems as though they've discontinued it. I have to wonder who makes the decisions for which shades get cut, because there are so many other Barry M polishes that aren't half as nice as this and they're still on the shelves? I'm quite gutted as this was one of my favourite glitter top coats, and as you can probably see from the picture I don't have a whole load left either where I use it to death.

Like most light nail polishes, Revlon's Minted is a bit streaky and so I did need two coats when I was applying it today. Despite the fact it's on the streaky side I'm still impressed with this formulation, I've had this polish since last spring/ summer and it's lasted really well and hasn't gone gloopy in the slightest. If you're interested in an inexpensive mint polish, this one is in stock on Fragrance Direct right now for just £1.25 (considering Revlon Nail Enamels are around £7 in Superdrug and Boots, that's a nice saving!) Now to go on the hunt for a replacement for my beloved Hologram Hexagrams, if you know of anything similar let me know.

Have you tried either of these polishes? Whats on your nails today?

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Friday, 11 April 2014

My Pamper Night Essentials

I looked in the mirror the other day and knew I was due for a bit of a pamper evening; my hair felt lifeless, my skin looked dull and the nail polish on my toes had quite frankly seen better days. To be fair I'd had a busy and hectic week- most days were quick morning showers rather than long relaxing baths, and even managing to take my makeup off before falling into bed most nights were worthy of a pat on the back. I'd been left feeling (and looking) a bit rough, but after a relaxing night of pampering and I felt a million times better. It got me thinking about some of my 'pamper night essentials'; while most of the specific products that I use change depending on what I have in at the time, these are a few things that make for a great, relaxing night to unwind and de-stress! 

I don't know what it is about deliciously scented, overpriced hunks of wax but I absolutely love the things. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, I have to have a lovely scent burning away in the evenings. Yankee are definitely my brand of choice, I love treating myself to a new one every now and again and often ask for them for Christmasses and birthdays too. You can't have a pamper evening without a couple of candles; I'm saving money and budgeting this year and so have been buying their wax tarts to put in my little wax burner instead- very handy as they throw off as much scent as a candle and you can mix and match scents without spending a fortune.

I think the older you get, the better wine seems to taste? I used to drink it now and again on nights out in uni and thought it tasted revolting but it's definitely grown on me as I've got a bit older (unless you're talking about £3 supermarket stuff which lets face it is always going to taste like vinegar!) If I'm having a pamper night with a couple of friends we often get a bottle of wine in- a recent survey showed that people drink on average of 2.7 glasses of wine per night which seems crazy to me? Think they might need to 'talk to Frank!'

Bath Bombs/ Bubble Bath
While it's not exactly budget friendly to be chucking Lush bath bombs into every midweek bath, they're definitely nice for a bit of a treat and I always save mine for pamper evenings. Two of my favourites are 'Think Pink' and 'Butterball', although I do tend to go a bit crazy for the limited edition seasonal products whenever they're available. I seriously need to get my hands on some of their Easter goodies!

Hair/ Face Mask
Relaxing nights in like this are the perfect time to give your hair a well deserved treat. My hair treatment of choice is coconut oil (Superdrug's little £2 version works a treat) and sweet almond oil melted down in the microwave then applied to the hair and scalp an hour or so before a bath. Once I've washed my hair I then use either a Herbal Essences or Tresemme masque for a further five minutes. My face mask of choice at the moment is Palmers Cocoa Butter face mask, I picked this up last weekend for just a few pounds but it works amazingly well!

Hand/ Feet Treatments
I think that most of us are probably a bit guilty of neglecting our hands and feet on a regular basis, I know I am. I usually slap a bit of hand cream on a couple of times a week and give my feet a once over with a Ped Egg but that's about it. Pamper nights are a good opportunity to pull out the old hand and feet treatment products, I have a tonne of accumulated 'peppermint foot scrub' style products, hand creams and cuticle butters so have no excuse really. If you're going all out, can even do the classic 'foot cream then wrap your feet in cling film until it soaks in' trick. It really works!

What are your pamper night essentials?

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mac's Ruby Woo: My Perfect Red Lipstick

Ruby Woo by Mac: £15.50 available here

You know when you first start wearing red lipstick and it throws up a load of doubts? When I started wearing darker shades, such thoughts as "do I look like a clown", "do I look like a streetwalker" and "do I look like a child who's been rummaging around in their mums makeup bag" were 'lovely' little thoughts that would go through my mind. However once I got over that silly stage and realised screw it I can actually rock this look, I went on a bit of a red lipstick rampage in search of the perfect one. Eighteen months (and a lot of lipstick) later it ended with Ruby Woo- the ultimate, the holiest of grails, yep it's amazing. My favourite red lipstick isn't a title given lightly either, but this just has it all. A beautiful blue toned red shade that works with my cool-toned skin, very long lasting and doesn't come with a lot of problems I face with my other reds (such as smudging and bleeding from the lip line, niiiice).

While red lipsticks are often raved about over the autumn and winter, this definitely isn't one I'll be abandoning this spring. While I'm unlikely to wear it in the daytime throughout the warmer months, it's still a product I turn to for nights out or any occasion that involves glamming up. The matte finish looks classy, and the long lasting formula means that even if you're out eating, drinking or chatting away like crazy it wont be disappearing or fading away within a mere hour (like a lot of lipsticks tend to do- sigh). The only negative I can find with this is it's a bit difficult to apply, the matte formula is quite dry and so it does tend to drag on the lips. I apply mine with a lip brush which makes it much easier, it's also more precise when using such a statement shade anyway. With any matte lipstick a bit of prep doesn't hurt either, I find a quick once over with a Lush lip scrub and some balm creates a nice even surface.

Despite the fact that it takes a bit more effort to apply, it's well worth it for the beautiful finish and amazing longevity. Ruby Woo really is one lipstick everyone needs in their collection. When you're going to wear red lipstick (even if it's not very often) this is one way to do it right, and if you were going to invest in just one red shade I'd recommend this every time.

Have you tried Ruby Woo? What's your favourite Mac shade?
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