Pint Sized Property? Here's How You Can Make The Most Of It

When most of us picture our 'dream home', it's incredible mansions set in acres of space that probably spring to mind. But the reality is often different, unless you're a lottery winner (or are lucky enough to be born into an incredibly wealthy family!) home is almost always something a little smaller. However, it's not to say that a smaller home, or even a tiny pint sized property can't be your dream place to live. It's all about how you utilise the space, so that it works perfectly for your lifestyle. If you are living in a small home, here are some ideas for using it to it's best potential. 

Keep it minimal
When you're working with less square footage, you're not going to have the space for lots of items that you don't need or use on a regular basis. It's easy to want to cling onto things from our past or items that aren't useful 'just in case'- but actually, it can be better all round to just let go. Clear out the clutter, save space for only the items that you love or use very regularly. It can help you to keep organised and feel on top of things, and it will also stop your small home from getting filled to the rafters. 

Make it look bigger
Size is all about perception, and while you won't be able to physically change the dimensions (unless you invest in an extension) there are ways you can make the place look bigger. Light colours on the walls reflect back the light making rooms feel bright, airy and spacious. Large mirrors again reflect light around, you could even add touches like mirrored furniture. Make use of transparent or glass pieces- a glass coffee table for example can look less dominating in a small room than chunky wood. Transparent 'ghost chairs' work well at dining tables or desks. 

Make the most of the space you do have
When you only have small rooms, you need to make the most of every square inch. Buy with size in mind, this could involve buying smaller sized furniture such as sofas or slim bedside tables. Play around with layout too to make the most of the usable space. If you own your home, you could even change the layout of bathrooms and kitchens. In the bathroom for example, get rid of the tub and fit a shower cubicle instead which will take up less floor space. This can also be a great way to upgrade, choose a nice model such as one of these Insignia luxury shower cabins. When it comes to the kitchen, work with a kitchen designer and let them know what your needs are so they can bring your vision to life. They will be able to recommend clever space savers and ways to use every nook and cranny that you might not have considered. 

Make the most of the natural light
Natural light will make any room look bigger and more pleasant, so decorate with the windows in mind. Avoid heavy window dressings and furniture placed in the way which can block out a lot of light. 

How have you made the most of your smaller home?

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