Protecting Your Home... From Your Dog

There are many great reasons to bring a dog into your life. They’re loving, loyal, funny and make great company. If you rescue a dog, you’re giving them the chance to live their lives in a warm and loving home and give them the attention they deserve. However, dogs can also be badly behaved, and if you neglect their care or their training, you could find yourself dealing with some serious damage to your furniture, your clothes and more. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your pooch happy in their home and keep your house in order. Read more about what you can do to protect your home from your dog with these useful tips.

Keep them safe
A lot of accidents involving pets around the home are less about their behaviour, and more about your own. Dogs don’t know better when it comes to what they can touch, put in their mouths, etc. You, however, do. Just as you would with a child, you can make sure that you make your home safe for your dog by putting up barriers where needed and keeping hazards out of sight. Keep any cleaning supplies locked away safe and put their food sources somewhere out of reach. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so keep your floors as clear as possible.It’s also a good idea to check your regular cleaning products to make sure they’re safe for pets. Many manufacturers make pet-friendly versions of your favourite cleaners to help you keep odors at bay and keep your home clean.

Feed them properly
Dogs need to follow a balanced diet to keep them healthy. Overfeeding them can be damaging, and can lead to poor behaviours such as begging, stealing food off your own plate and seeking out food around the home. However, not feeding them enough could mean that they end up chewing things around the home, so it’s important that you get their diet right. Read up on diet and nutrition for your dog to help make sure that they get the balanced diet that they need.

Exercise them regularly
A dog needs a lot of exercise, and you shouldn’t even think about getting a dog unless you can commit to that. While the amount of exercise needed varies from dog to dog, you can be sure that you’ll need to walk them at least once a day. A long walk provides a lot of adventures for your fur baby, giving them the chance to have a sniff around, play and meet other dogs too. They’ll be much happier after a good stroll, and will be ready for a cuddle when you get them home. An energetic dog will need a lot of exercise to help them burn off some energy and stop them from causing havoc around your home.

Entertain them
A bored dog can lead to trouble, which means they might start chewing things that they shouldn’t, scratching and more. Playing with your dog makes them happy, and can have a positive effect on your own mood too. Having plenty of toys around the house will give them things to play with instead of going for your favourite shoes! An antler dog chew makes a great toy for your dog, a natural solution that will help keep them entertained! Plenty of play is good for your dog and will help you both bond as well.

Give them their own bed
Giving your dog a bed of their own will help them to feel safe in their home, and give them a space to rest and be alone when they want it. The right dog bed will need to be the right size for your dog, and should be made of durable material. Some extra blankets and dog-friendly soft toys can help them to feel comfortable and warm. If you’ve got more than one dog, they will each need a bed of their own. While there are lots of great dog beds out there, you could also consider making your own. It only takes a few items and will help you find something that’s the perfect size for your dog.

Don’t leave them on their own for long periods
It’s not fair to leave a dog by themselves for hours on end. Most dogs love the company of others, and leaving them for too long can leave them bored and likely to act out at home. It also means that they’re unlikely to be able to go to the toilet outside when they need to, and might just leave you with a little present on your floor. There are different solutions out there to stopping your dog from getting lonely while you’re out. Another dog in the home can make for great company, but you’ll have double the responsibility with two dogs in your home! Meanwhile, putting the radio on can help them feel a bit more at ease and perhaps even make them less likely to bark too. If you can, try working from home a couple of times a week so that they’re not on their own all the time. You could also hire a dog walker to take them out during the day - an option that isn’t as expensive as you’d think. Make sure you take them out in the morning and in the afternoon/evening if you’re going to be out for most of the day so they’ll at least have had their daily exercise.

Be strict with house rules
There’s no reason why you can’t have a dog and keep a nice home too! Having some rules in the house is no bad thing, but you need to make sure that everyone sticks to them to help them work. Good rules for dogs can include: not being allowed upstairs, not being allowed in the bedrooms and no jumping up on the furniture. By stopping the behaviours that you don’t want early on, you should be able to enjoy your home without having to worry about your dog destroying everything. Nobody wants to come home to a Beethoven situation!

Take them to training classes
 Dog training is a must for your pet to help learn good behaviours and to help the two of you bond. Through training, your dog will get mental stimulation and the chance to learn, helping them feel challenged and given a purpose. Dog training is also a must for when you take them on walks and introduce them to other people and dogs, helping to keep them safe when they’re out and about.You could train your dog yourself as the most affordable solution, and there are plenty of online videos and articles to help you. If you need help or you find training your dog alone difficult, there will be plenty of nearby training schools and courses nearby who can provide you with assistance. You can start dog training from when they’re a puppy and develop to more advanced training as they get older.

With the right training and precautions on your part, there’s no reason why your dog can’t live peacefully in your home. At the end of the day, dogs will be dogs, so you need to do your bit to help them avoid any behaviour that could damage things in your home. Be sensible, don’t leave things out and give them plenty of love and attention. A dog can be a wonderful thing to have, but make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you rush out to bring one home.

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