The Many Benefits of Taking a Bath

It’s always good to find out that the things you enjoy are actually good for you, and a nice warm bath is one of them! We all know how relaxing and enjoyable a bath can be after a long day, but there are also some pretty surprising scientifically proven health benefits associated with our favourite pastime.  

The Perfect Bath 
According to bathroom experts Better Bathrooms, these are some top tips for a perfect bath; Keep it to body temperature, although a hot bath feels great it is best to keep it milder in order to reap the benefits. Don’t soak for more than 15-20 minutes and always have a cold drink with you to avoid dehydration. 

Perfect place to de stress 
A nice bath is the go-to location for relaxing after a long day, it provides peace and comfort and is proven to lift your mood. When choosing your bath, always make sure to consider all of the potential options for the ultimate bath experience. High caliber fixtures and fittings are more likely to be comfortable and durable, and lead to a better bathing experience. The bath is the perfect place for aromatherapy, oils such as lavender, rose and vanilla all have relaxing properties and smell amazing. Mix you perfect scent and enjoy! Not only does a bath sooth your mind, but it can be especially soothing for you skin, at the right temperature. Add some soothing, moisturising oils such as almond or coconut to comfort your skin. 

Good for your heart and head 
A warm bath is said to improve your heart health, it makes your heart beat faster providing it with a good workout! Be sure not to have it too hot though, as this can put strain on your heart. Having a bath can also be beneficial when you are suffering from a cold or flu, the warm steam can open up your airways and clear your sinuses. It relieves breathing difficulties and can also clear up those pesky headaches which follow a cold. 

Perfect excuse to use those Christmas pamper gifts 
Baths are a great excuse to use up those Christmas pamper gifts you probably have laying around. Why not add a colourful bath bomb or treat yourself to a pamper night? If your pamper products are overflowing it may be time to invest in a home for them, and if you’re looking for storage, there’s a really lovely range of high quality bathroom furniture from Better Bathrooms

Extra Exercise 
Did you know that taking a hot bath can burn as many calories as taking a walk? And in the cold winter months, surely a bath sounds way better! It is also a great addition to any gym routine, coming home and soaking in the bath has so many health benefits for your muscles, joints and bones. It helps with aches and pains, helping you keep up with the exercise. 

Prepares you for sleep 
A bath is one of the ways you can fall asleep faster at night, not only because they are relaxing and soothing but also because of the magic chemical; melatonin. Melatonin is the chemical which prepares your body for sleep and is induced by a cooler body temperature. Having a warm bath and exiting rapidly after your 15-20 minute soak, can cause your body temperature to quickly drop and boost that melatonin production! A perfect recipe for quality sleep.

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