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If you're a future bride, you want your hen party to be unique, memorable and, of course, fun. If you're a bridesmaid, it's great to have a party to talk about for a long time! Your bachelorette will be your last day with the girls like an unmarried woman, a chance to let your hair down and really have fun. After all of that wedding planning, you deserve it! Hen parties don't need to be really expensive, after all, weddings are already pricey enough. Here's how you can make it a night to remember right from the comfort of your home. 

Organise the party at home 
If you organise your party at home, you're prone to spending less and without any unforeseen expenses. It doesn't have to be dull, to spice it up, check out and hire a show for your party. 

Decorate the space
Find ideas online to decorate for your party. Unlike your wedding which will be a formal, classy and elegant affair, your hen party can be fun and a little tacky. Feather boas, L plates and fun novelties such as inflatables, masks and tons of glitter can all make the event even more exciting. 

Think about food, beverages, and music 
Create a playlist in the weeks running up to the event with all of your favourite songs, ask your guests for recommendations so that everyone gets to hear some of the songs they love. When it comes to food, a simple party buffet with nibbles is inexpensive and you can rope in your close friends to help you the day before. Purchase a couple of different spirits and mixers and people can make their own cocktails on the night. 

Play games
Truth or dare is a good one to play at a hen party, the more exciting and fun, the more questions and challenges, the more fun the game will play. Never have I ever is another, you need courage and a lot of alcohol! Each player stands up to say a real thing they have never done, the rest must drink if it's not true for them. The more scandalous the questions, the better. If only one person is drinking, the rule is that he has to reveal the event in detail. Tips for the wedding night is another fun game to play, where everyone has the opportunity to 'help' the future bride. Everyone writes on paper advice for the wedding night, then the tickets are placed in a bowl. The bride reads them out loud, and tries to guess who each was from. For any wrong answer, you have to take a drink. Another game is 'end the sentence.' Before the bachelorette party, the bride to be asks the future groom to write some things about her on the paper, for example: "I love when I wake up in the morning and she ...". Everyone ha to guess the ending and if the answers are different from those of the future husband, they will have to receive a command from the girls. See more here.

Who organises the bachelorette party? 
Traditionally, the organisation of the bachelorette party falls under the charge of the chief bridesmaid. However, these days the bride and the bridesmaid together often plan the event. That way, the bride can be sure that the evening will be something she enjoys. Some games, strippers and other hen party related things won't be suitable for every bride (particularly if her female relatives are attending!) so it's useful to get her imput so she's not put in an awkward position.

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