Offline Marketing: Why Custom Notepads Are Something to Consider

The modern world is very digital with much of we do being online, but it's not to say that old pen and paper methods have been made obsolete. When it comes to note taking, many people still find that writing things down manually (rather than on a computer) is quicker, easier and helps them to remember better. When it comes to business, you'll need to keep track of ideas, jot things down and generally make notes throughout the day and so notebooks are important. Just like lots of things in business, you could use this as a marketing tactic. Here are some ideas for choosing the right notepads for your company. 

Let a professional do it for you
When looking to create a custom journal or notebook for your business, it can be tempting to try and do it yourself. However, unless you're skilled in design, it might not be the best approach. Utilise the  services of a professional customized notebooks maker. They'll be able to design something that works for you, with all of the correct fields that you need (calendars, lined and unlined pages, list pages and more) and can make your life easier. 

Choose durable materials
A business notebook should be able to withstand daily use. Spend a little extra on a hard or plastic coated cover, and pages that use good quality paper. This will be useful while the notebook is being used and scribbled in, but helps it to stand the test of time once it's stored away once you're finished. You might need to keep your notebooks and the information in them for a while once they've been used up, if there's anything worth referring back to. 

Go for practicality
Choosing a notebook that looks good can be a good marketing tactic, if customers and/ or clients see staff using them it can secure your brand image in their mind and also makes you look professional as a business. But it needs to be as practical as it is beautiful. Choose the right size, and consider options like spiral binding to make it easier to use. After all, a notebook is all about ease of use. Hard bound notepads can sometimes be difficult to use since they natrually want to spring shut. 

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