Perfectly Preserve Old Memories So They Never Fade

Life is all about making memories, and all of us want to hold onto these for as long as we can. Chances are, you're documenting your memories without even realising, every time you upload a post to social media or snap a picture on your smartphone, that's essentially what you're doing. There are so many ways that you can keep your best memories alive and without losing the true essence behind them all; from wedding planning to documenting your birthday each year, you want to understand every element about preserving memories. The following ideas will set you up for a future full of mementos that will never fade away. Even if you have never been much of a memory maker in the past, these concepts will definitely spark some inspiration inside of you.

Retain Video Footage
Many of us have a collection of old family videos that we cherish, even if they are a little embarrassing! They're memories that can never be replaced, unlike kids of today the video footage most of us have from our childhoods is limited. There were no smart devices back then to capture a quick video on a whim, it tended to be special occasions that the huge family camcorder was brought out. Even less of this footage will have made it onto the tapes you have now. If your tapes and videos are getting a little ropey, use a Vhs to DVD service to store your memories onto DVD, and you will be able to retain them forever. It can be worth uploading them and storing them in the cloud too, so you have a digital copy that's kept safe. 

Frame Your Photos
Imagine if you ever lost your iPhone? Chances are it’s full of amazing memories and photographs that are simply irreplaceable. If you're organised, you might have some data backed up to the cloud, but it won't always be the case. The answer is simple; make sure you are framing and printing all of your best photos. Every month you could get a photo book printed from a popular website or order some prints- they're only cheap. It will give you something to look back on and hold close to you forever and you won’t ever risk losing them along the way!

Write a Diary
So many people have hopped on the trend of writing a diary, especially with the popularity of bullet journalling taking off. Not only is it an excellent way to keep your mental health in check, but it is also a great reminder of what you achieved and experienced that particular day. Starting a diary might seem like a huge commitment, but it really doesn’t have to take over your entire life. You can purchase diaries that are ‘one line a day.’ You only have to scribble a sentence or two and you will be left with amazing memories that last a lifetime.

Use Social Media
Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are some of the best (and sometimes worst!) reminders of your past. Posting photos and statuses will be there forever, so you can look back over the years and remember the amazing times you had with your friends and loved ones. You could even upload photos and videos into private albums that only you can view as a way to back up your memories. 

How do you keep your precious memories safe?

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